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Brian Cant RIP

Discussion in 'books, films, TV, radio & writing' started by Pickman's model, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. xenon

    xenon ·≈0

    What was the program he did with that mad Inventor? I like that, I can't remember names show.

  2. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Sproutarian.

    Wilf Lunn ?

    I don't think their paths crossed ...

    He featured in "Vision On" and it was Tony Hart who came from there...

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  3. donkyboy

    donkyboy Crazy cat man

    where can I buy that retro red top he is wearing?
  4. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    RIP Brian
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  6. Leafster

    Leafster Nurturing green fingers

    Sad news. I was a small child in the early days of Play School and he was a friendly engaging face on TV.

    I met him years later in the early 80's when I was a student. He was doing a Panto and had come into the pub after the performance and was still as friendly, chatting to us pissed up students, as I had remembered him as a small kid.

    RIP Brian
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  7. kalidarkone

    kalidarkone Up to my knees in amniotic fluid

    Oh:( I loved Brian Cant ((((Brian)))))
  8. xenon

    xenon ·≈0

    Ah yeah, that's him.

    I do vaguely remember Play Away.
  9. xenon

    xenon ·≈0

  10. S☼I

    S☼I Cats Bumino

  11. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Sproutarian.

    He did a little video with Orbital :-

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  12. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Sproutarian.

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