Braun designer Dieter Rams and Principles of Good Design (BBC4)

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by editor, Aug 19, 2019.

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    Never thought a documentary about an 85 year old German industrial designer would draw me in - but it really did! He's a top bloke, the pictures are great and there are real ideas discussed - it's not just other people banging on about why Dieter's so great (though they do a bit, and he probably is.) More to say about what design is really FOR and about how / whether you can square design with sustainability than I expected. Plus some good jazz piano. Very much worth watching if you even suspect it *might* be relevant to your interests, start off and you'll probably stay for the whole thing.
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  3. editor

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    It came on just as I was about to go and do some work and I found I couldn't stop watching it. Fascinating bloke. His outlook on the current throwaway culture and modern design in general were very interesting too.
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    Ooh, this looks good - will check it out
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    Was an excellent documentary, beautifully put together.

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