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Boston in early June


I hear ya
So, it looks like I have to go to Boston in June for work and I'll have 2 days to myself before I return.

Can anyone recommend things to do/see/eat etc in Boston? I'm interested in good beer, bars, music, museums, good cheap eats etc.

I've been before but a while ago and didn't really do much homework before that trip and ended up hanging out round Boylston and the bars there (IIRC).

I'll have a Friday and Saturday free so would really like to see bands, have a few beers.

I may be staying a way out - anyone know what time the T stops running?

Very happy to meet up with any Bostonian Urbs if there are any :)


Like to take a cement fix
oh, and I don't know what time the t stops running, but iirc, it's different times for different stops. usually about 1-2 a.m. (Boston is the city that needs its sleep)
If I remember correctly, the C line (Cleveland Circle) run time ends about 12:25 for the last pick up. Same goes for the Resevoir stop on the D (Riverside) line. They could have upped the time, so I will admit that I'm wrong if need be.


Like to take a cement fix
The times for the lines were when I was still living in that area (Brookline). That's why I said "If I remember correctly". But yes, check the website :)