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Jeff Robinson

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I wonder if there's any connection between Boris being a posh, rich, thick cunt and vermin and his propensity to appoint corrupt, good-for-nothing, sleazy infectious human trash and garbage (who should all be sent packing the halal butcher, made into chops and fed to their squealing, over pampered brat children).

There are of course more systematic factors at work (as illustrated by New Labour PLC). But the humble point I’m making here is that being a posh clueless cunt doesn’t help.

Brixton Hatter

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From the Evening (sub) Standard today:

Evening sub Standard said:
What he said: Ban alcohol on the Tube to cut the 40 per cent of crime that is alcohol-related.
Action: Drink was banned in June last year. No clear figures on crime because “alcohol-related” offences on the Tube are not recorded.

What he said: “Create a cabinet for London to assist in running London in a more businesslike manner.”
Action: No London “cabinet” implemented and no plans to do so.

What he said: Wants the Tube unions to sign up to a no-strike deal in return for binding arbitration.
Action: RMT staged a three-day Tube walkout in June.

What he said: Phase out bendy buses and replace them with a fleet of hybrid Routemasters.
Action: Two bendy bus routes have been withdrawn. Routemaster design prototype will exist by 2011.

What he said: Will chair the Metropolitan Police Authority.
Action: Took control of MPA in October and effectively sacked Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

What he said: Wants police numbers increased.
Action: The Yard is looking to save money by cutting officer numbers.

Open Sauce

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Boris in Eastenders

Has been posted yet?

Warning, there is some terrible acting in the scene before, during and after boris.

Brixton Hatter

Home is south London mate
Has been posted yet?

Warning, there is some terrible acting in the scene before, during and after boris.
it's pretty hard to watch Peggy fawning over Boris and saying "How great it is to meet someone who's dedicated their life to the service of others" - though on second thoughts I wonder if the writers were having a sly little dig at Boris!

can you imagine the shit Ken would have have got for doing this? Luckily he was too sensible for any of that.

Boris was also spied at London fashion week. The current issue of Private Eye has a photo on the front page similar to this with Boris saying

"I say, what a terrific pair of sunglasses"



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i saw him in the pub last wednesday (the night before deadenders aired?) maybe he was trying to instill an image in people's heads of 'bloke in pub' prior to them seeing this in an attempt to make himself not look so ridiculous..


Buses up by 12.7%?

I use a PAYG oystercard and the new single bus fare will be £1.20 - that's an annoying 20% increase!


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The bus fares going up is partly compensated for by the knowledge that all the suburbanites who voted for Boris on the basis that he was against the congestion charge are now beginning to realise the full stupidity of their error...


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The bus pass is a massive rise. Coupled with reports that some bus routes may see frequency cuts. I'd better get walking.:mad:
What sort of frequency reductions?

The fare increase is massive. Of course it doesn't matter if you've got an unlimited expense account like Bojos.

New figures show that the Mayor claimed £1,501 in cab fares in November, December and January as he visited the outer London boroughs where he is most popular.