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Discussion in 'festivals' started by Clint Iguana, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    Boomtown is back on 13/14/15 August and THIS YEAR IT DONT CLASH WITH THE ENDORSE IT THING :D

    Earlybird tickets is 45 squids (if ya qucik like)

    website is a bit chaotic, does not say where it is so presumably is at a secret location somewhere 'near' bristol again (which in the past has meant hay on wye and forest of dean)

    Line up so far is....

    BackBeat SoundSystem
    Bad manners
    Bell Hagg Orkestar
    Catchit kebabs
    Circus of sound
    Citizen fish
    Cracked actors
    Dapper cadavers
    Demented are Go
    DJ Derick
    Don Bradmans
    Dub from atlantis band
    Dub mafia
    Dub pistols
    General levy
    Gentlemens Dub club
    Glitsy bag hags
    Graveyard Johnnys
    Heatwave Collective
    Imperial leisure

    JB conspiracy
    king porter stomp
    Laid Blak
    Long Tall Texans.
    loss Albertos
    Mad Professor
    Mr Ben
    Mungos hi fi feat Warrior queen
    Neville staple (the specials)
    Pama international

    Ragga twins
    Rudy La Crioux and the All Stars.
    Ska n ska
    Slim Slip and the Sliders.
    Smoke like a fish
    Suicide bid

    Surfin turnips
    The Caravans
    The Communcators
    The Corraspondants
    The junk
    The Rinka Dinks
    The wurzels
    Tragic Roundabout.
    Trojan Sound system
    Union avenue
    Who's alferd
    Zen hussies
  2. strung out

    strung out (",)

    sweet, zen hussies and the wurzels are both there. i may consider this again after going in its former guise of recydrate
  3. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    We're keen on this and we hope we're able to make it :) :cool:
  4. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    Already danger of an urban meet up :hmm:
  5. moonsi til

    moonsi til worked it out now!

    Oh I'm def interested...great price too...:)
  6. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    Been meaning to get to this for years, since before they did an MK Dons on it.

    Maybe this is the year. It's going in the diary.
  7. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    They can decydrate the name, but not the bars and tents! :D :p :cool:

    Urb meet ups = :)
  8. Ground Elder

    Ground Elder Well-Known Member

    That would fill a gap we have in August :cool: Think I'll get in contact and see if they want playbus.
  9. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    Im really interested in going, im trying to work all the festies this year, but its pretty cheap.....

    If i can fit this in aroud my holiday and still definately do shambalalalalala ill be there.
  10. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    All of them?!! Good luck! ;)
  11. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    I didnt mean it like that :facepalm:

    All the ones i want to go to, except glasto i meant.
  12. madzone

    madzone Physically unfavourable

    They can't spell 'amock'.

    I shan't be going.
  13. riggerboots

    riggerboots New Member

    gunna be even more cabaret / circus / general randomness this year ... We are running a comedy leisure centre in the new area 'Downtown'... sooo much fun !!!
  14. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Deb told me on the phone earlier that she saw some reference to the location for Boomtown this year being 'somehwere between Reading and Milton Keynes' -- their website doesn't seem to say anything?? and their Myspace refers to this :

    **that's a blatant and obvious mistake -- those dates are correct for August, the real date, but would apply to a Monday to Wednesday in September :rolleyes:

    Anyway, anyone got any clues on location? Until recently they were hinting at near Bristol ... :confused:
  15. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    Oh dear. More wackiness. Why do people insist on fiddling with things like this?
  16. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    website alwasy says near bristol, year before last that meant hay on wye in wales though. Gonna be well pissed off it is near milton keynes
  17. beansmall

    beansmall New Member

    :confused: Why would you be pissed off? i wouldn't get pissed off if they annouinced it was in scotland its still the best festival eva, whats an extra hour or so driving when you are going to be there for 3 days,

    I know a lot of people that normally travel from Norfolk, Cambridge etc! they don't complain.. Reading / MK is best for everyone IMO :cool:
  18. DeadManWalking

    DeadManWalking Active Member

    It was in Wales due to problems in getting a licence in the South west, think all the councils thought I'd be encouraging drunkeness with the name, that's why I think they changed it.
  19. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    How much are full price tickets? Ive missed the boat on earlybird ones havent i?

    I'm putting off buying one, until i can convince a freind too, otherwise ill be going on me lonesome :(
  20. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    I have no problem travelling long distances, so long as i know that in advance. It is the secret thing, if i spend the next few months thinking it will be down the end of the road and then find a few days before hand that i have to travel for five hours to get there i will be well unhappy.

    Driving that distance with a caravan is a real pain. :mad:

    Reading / Mk is best for people who live in Reading / MK and are used to going to festivals in boring locations. Of course people that way dont complain about travelling west, they get to see beautiful countryside when they get here.... i dont particularly want to see roundabouts and industrial estates. :p
  21. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    We're of exactly the same opinion! :hmm:

    The distance between MK and Reading is quite a lot, could be anywhere in that zone .... :confused:
  22. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    I just hope the transport they lay on is better than in previous years.
  23. madzone

    madzone Physically unfavourable

    Yeah, I had to cancel shambala last year - just too far away. I was thinking of going to this if it was near bristol but MK is not a doer.
  24. Ground Elder

    Ground Elder Well-Known Member

    We were wanting to do Boomtown, but it would have to fit in around two other festivals we will be at in Cornwall and Somerset, so it might be a non-starter :(
  25. madzone

    madzone Physically unfavourable

    Which one in Cornwall? :hmm:
  26. Ground Elder

    Ground Elder Well-Known Member

    Holifair - I'm contractually obliged to attend.
  27. madzone

    madzone Physically unfavourable

    Oh is it on this year? :cool:
  28. Ground Elder

    Ground Elder Well-Known Member

    Same weekend as Endorse It.
  29. The Mayor

    The Mayor Town Info Point!!

    BTF Info

    Greetings Urban Forum!!! I've been asked to come on here by the organisers of Boomtown fair to dish out some relevant info, help answer FAQ and post general updates for the exciting additions a head for Boomtown 2010.

    So I guess the main question is, where are we going?:hmm: well here it is!! I can clarify Boomtown 2010 will be held fairly near Milton Keynes, I say fairly but basically that will be the best point to gauge to when working out your journey distances.
    The exact address will be sent out via the mailing lists 14 days before the event. A well oiled method simply to discourage every festivals primary problem of fence jumpers and to generally make for an easier safer event.

    The event site is simply stunning anyone who attended last year will know how particular the team are with choice of surroundings equally they would know that last year’s site was not really suitable with the car parking. I would also like to add that after 2 weeks rest from BTF 09 the team has been flat out around the country looking for somewhere more suitable that still ticks all boxes... it’s not an easy task so we are very lucky to be holding it here. :D

    General info
    400 Eager beaver tickets sold out in less than 3 weeks leaving all at Boomtown HQ stunned. Full price tickets at £58 plus BF are on sale however seem to be flying out at an equally rapid speed!

    The main stage production team are in final negotiation terms for this year’s VERY special headlining act – we can’t quite believe it ourselves and will be released publicly in mid April.

    Boomtown fair is changing massively!!! This message has been in rotation throughout all the forums, mailing lists etc for the past few months. It is essential that everyone who is thinking of buying a ticket knows that Boomtown fair is not what it used to be, even since last year. The organisers are concentrating much more on areas such as kids, family camping, circus performance and general site art and now with a massive emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives we are all aiming for an even more relaxed and enjoyable event. :cool:

    More info on this aspect is available from our website

    That’s it for now if you do have any questions you may get a more rapid updated response by emailing

    Big love xxx
  30. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    Sounds like you're watering it down. Not really a step in the right direction.

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