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    Could someone cleverer than me explain what the background story of the woman being chased by the robotic dog might be?. Her struggle against the four legged terror was compelling enough, but I'm still at a loss as to wtf was going on...
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  4. Jeff Robinson

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    From what I could gather, the episode was set in a terminator-style future where the 'robots have taken over' - it seems that these robot dogs were originally manufactured to act as guard dogs but they have since turned on the humans. The woman and her accomplices were trying to get a replacement teddy bear from the abandoned warehouse for a dying child.
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    on a side note - that rather fab looking vintage car in the final episode - Black Museum - was recently purchased by a friend of mine. I don't think he was expecting to see it turn up in Black Mirror. well, at least he knows who the former owner was :D
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    That makes sense. Cheers!
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  7. joustmaster

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    And based on the roboto dogs that Boston Dynamics has been building for the US military
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    I was remarking to Ms T & P how realistic the contraption looked. Very impressive indeed, and while I suspected it was CGI I found it impossible to tell solely from the images.
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    I really enjoyed this series. Highlights were Meph Damon's spot-on Kirk impression at the very start, the dogs one was brilliantly bleak, Arkangel was thought provoking.

    The last one was a bit too meta, and the couples one was too obviously going for the San Junipero vibe, but nowhere near as good.

    Good stuff!

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    Just watching now.
    First one was ok, but how the hell did the get all the memories and everything from some DNA in spit?
    Bit cheesy, especially when the other crew member came back even though she wasn't on the ship.

    Just tried watching arkangel. Disappointed. Got immediately bored but stuck with it until half way, just couldn't bear it anymore. Any others worth watching?
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    The romantic in me loved this one, though it was hard, too (recent break up).

    Have you ever done online dating? I have and I think that helped me enjoy it more as well.

    Great episode for me. One of the best yet.
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  12. mwgdrwg

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    Never done online dating, have been in a 25 year romance is a fading memory :D
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