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Bittorent Invite Thread


Well done. You remember cat good.

It's laughably easy to get round, use the proxy that barabrith posted above or add these lines to your hosts file and use TPB just as you always did.

Code:    thepiratebay.se    www.thepiratebay.se    thepiratebay.org    www.thepiratebay.org
Got some Demonoid invite codes if anyone would like.


self-banned for a bit
My hard drive with most of my music is now officially deaded :(
So now I'm desperate for a what.cd invite
I'm on a Virgin 100mb line and leave things uploading permanently


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Meh, another ex-demoniod user here.....

This there another site that is as good as demoniod was? Never had a dodgy torrent from there, always excellent feedback from users........


not the only raver in the village
me too. i'm bereft

any invites for anything? all i can offer in return is to promise not to take a contract out on you


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I'm looking for an invite for a site with a good MMA selection. It doesn't have to be an MMA specific one (although that would be brilliant!)

Apparently xspeeds is fairly good for this but there maybe some sports ones or wrestling ones that are ok too.

I have a pretty good seed ratio for Across the Tasman, which is the only private tracker I really use to get some rugby



Anyone got an invite I could have to a private movie torrent tracker- not a karagarga-type indie/rare fil one, but a demonoid-type crap blockbuster one?

Passthepopcorn or something similar?



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Try the invite or power user forums on another private tracker. PTP don't give out invites very liberally any longer.