Billericay - Owner Glenn Tamplin becomes Manager

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by YTC, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. pitchfork

    pitchfork Well-Known Member

    Another draw for the money men! Those fixtures will be piling up bit like his driving offences!
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  2. scousedom

    scousedom Well-Known Member

    Not quite. He gets three points for his driving offences.
  3. JTee

    JTee Well-Known Member

    They seem to get an awful lot of penalties for a team "playing against 14 men", that's three in the last four games.
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  4. David Lower

    David Lower Well-Known Member

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  5. Kerriesfriend

    Kerriesfriend New Member

  6. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    The most predictable comment.
  7. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

    What was he going to do? Pay the Dulwich player wages?
  8. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

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  9. HFCJohn

    HFCJohn Well-Known Member

    That is some effort, making Dulwich's current travails all about him. Almost masterful. Don't know how he manages it considering the amount of time he spends playing the victim.

    Poor little goose.
  10. ForwardHamlet

    ForwardHamlet Well-Known Member

    *writes down 'Poor little goose'*

    *puts in back pocket for use at a later date*
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  11. dcdulwich

    dcdulwich Well-Known Member

    I really don’t think he’s been listening to that team of chaplains he’s assembled:
    “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”
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  12. bringbackelmo

    bringbackelmo Well-Known Member

    We all know what is going to happen here - Tamplin will eventually walk away leaving Billericay in a far worse situation than the Hamlet are in. The club will go under, it may reform playing in front of one or two hundred people one day, but that's it. And Tamplin will give zero fucks.

    Whatever happens with Dulwich, it'll survive one way or another because it has history and it has good people. Fuck Tamplin.
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  13. 3010

    3010 Well-Known Member

  14. NPDHFC


    I'm fed up with people turning up to a football match like this, drunk off drink they brought. Disgraceful!
  15. Ben Alltimes

    Ben Alltimes Ricayboy

    Yes, so because of that he's morally obliged to get a rival club out of trouble right?
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  16. Ben Alltimes

    Ben Alltimes Ricayboy

    Erm, I see you point but Billericay has history too. It didn't begin when Tamplin arrived.
  17. Ben Alltimes

    Ben Alltimes Ricayboy

    Hi Guys,

    Everyone's lining up to put the boot into Tamplin again and I agree, it's hard to understand how he would have 'helped' DHFC even if this incident hadn't happened. But I find it strange that the pantomime villain is portrayed as being a reprehensible human being once again, apparently guilty of ruining football/arrogance/climate change (probably) when none of you condemn the incident he mentioned. For a supposedly family club don't you find this kind of aggressive behaviour a bit unacceptable? Everyone talks about the mythical 'non league way' but I always felt that an absence of serious rancour, hatred and abuse was one of the more endearing traits of our level of football.


    Good luck in the current crisis by the way. I have got nothing bad to say about your club.
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  18. HFCJohn

    HFCJohn Well-Known Member

    This is something he's brought on himself, once again and something I find utterly bizarre.

    I can't imagine Dulwich have gone to him cap in hand asking for any hand-outs, he's chosen himself to bring this up and withdraw any offer of help because of what happened when 'ricay played at Champion Hill.

    Now, I don't know what level of abuse there was on the day - and personally I don't think personal abuse is ever warranted if it crosses the line from light-hearted japery - even towards someone of Tamplin's ilk. When 'ricay visit Hendon later in the season, I'll be busy ignoring the bloke as much as I can, quite honestly, rather than giving him the attention he quite clearly craves.

    He's making himself out to be some kind of self-appointed messiah who is being martyred by the behaviour of everyone else. Yet, no-one else is asking him to put himself in this position. I cannot fathom why he's felt the need to say this aside from furthering this narrative.

    The arrogance is absolutely breath-taking.
  19. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    You think it happened as he said?

    If anyone has actually attacked him that's obviously well out of order. I was at the game though and didn't see it and I'm certainly not about to take his word for anything.
  20. StephenMac

    StephenMac Well-Known Member

    There was a closed gate between Tamplin and the group (two people) shouting at him. Those two, with respect, are about as likely to physically attack someone as Tamplin is to admit where his money really comes from. He then made a move towards them rather than the other way around and his goons pulled him away. Sticking the circus poster on the dugout was amusing to some apparently but was exacerbated by its rather theatrical removal by a comically pumped-up Joe Ellul, who himself behaved like an utter dick in the stand when your lot scored their first goal.

    I spoke to Tamplin after the game and he was relaxed about what had happened and admitted that he can be his own worst enemy when criticised.

    So really you've just got your man needlessly chipping in via the local rag when of course he will be delighted that his club's probably only possible rival for the title are in trouble.
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  21. dcdulwich

    dcdulwich Well-Known Member

    Oh dear. Sense of humour failure alert. :facepalm:
    Of course he has no obligation to help us but then there was no need for him to say anything at all really was there?
  22. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    "Everyone's lining up to put the boot into Tamplin again"

    Um, everyone? Count the people who post on here, and work out our average crowd, then double it at least to find our fan-base, and I think you'll find that 'everyone' isn't quite the case.

    I've only briefly spoken to Mr. Tamplin a couple of times, he was polite and courteous.

    But he comes out with such nonsense, I will speak out against unfair criticism of him, but he certainly doesn't help himself.

    Enjoy the ride, but take care. The reason why we are currently garnering so much sympathy for what is going on at Champion Hill at the moment, is because of the way we conduct ourselves, in our community, at our games and I believe we have-as a Club- widespread respect throughout non-league football. Tamlin may lead you to his 'promised land', whatever that is, in which case, you won't be on my christmas card list, but good luck to you for proving the predictions of the vast majority of non-league wrong, who think the way your club is run is the proverbial car crash waiting to happen.

    When it does don't expect much sympathy when it comes to looking for shoulders to cry on...
  23. vornstyle76

    vornstyle76 Vorn Chic Vorn Genre

    As the other Dulwich fans here will attest, I am a physically supreme specimen, my huge muscular frame ripples with raw brutality, my perma-aroused nipples can spit out acid or something like that dinosaur in Jurassic Park, hence why it took all twelve of Tamplin's steroidal platoon of bodyguards and hangers-on to stop me getting to him to beat him up as he states in the Echo News...

    ...and it wasn't in fact me merely shouting something about tax inspectors that caused him and his entourage to flare up like I'd shat in the Diana Memorial Fountain, no.
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  24. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I think he was offering to fill our first team coach position recently vacated by Kevin James. Gutted, as I'm sure Gavin & Junior are too.
  25. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    I'm surprised they were able to contain you tbh. They're probably all ex-SAS.
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  26. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    But rich for a supporter of the team with the worst disciplinary record in the league to complain about aggressive behaviour and family club values. And then, of course, there's this:
    Billericay Town's Jamie O'Hara charged with assaulting teenage fan

    This is the kind of club Tamplin runs.
  27. WillClunas

    WillClunas Well-Known Member

    I'm breaking my self-imposed exile from this hellthread to observe that GT remembering that it was specifically a Zippo's poster, that was put near him, three months ago, is absolutely hilarious. Normal, normal man.
  28. vornstyle76

    vornstyle76 Vorn Chic Vorn Genre

    It's so 'tragic uptight sitcom character' I wonder if it's deliberate.
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  29. Abanico

    Abanico New Member

    Yep - sorry, but what he says about the 'incident' is a massive fib. I saw everything that happened coming off the pitch, and the only fists raised were Mr Tamplin's own
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  30. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I thought that too. Very Partridge/Brent. If only it'd bbeen a Billy Smart's poster he might have bailed us out, but Zippo's is just too grave an insult!
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