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    Would not be surprised if Trump tried to figure out some way to turn Steele, McFaul and/or Browder over to the Kremlin, not because he wants the US security services to question the 12 spooks in the indictment, but just to please Putin, like when your pet cat brings you a bird they've caught because they think it will please you.

    If you read what Putin said carefully, he's not offering up the 12 suspects for Mueller's team to question them. He's only offering that they can be present while they are being questioned. Quite a different thing.

    Anyhow, Trump doesn't want the 12 to be found or interviewed in any shape or form, so it won't be much of a deal.

    Putin on the other hand, really, really, really wants to get his hands on Browder, or at least some highly toxic substance, or perhaps a few bullets, in him.
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    Trump cannot turn Browder over to the Kremlin because as he points out in the article from his tweet yesterday that gosub has linked to he is a British citizen. The Russians are certainly very keen to get their hands on him though, they keep asking Interpol to arrest him in various countries.

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    Arrest warrants INTERPOL have deemed 'political'
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    Yeah well it's all about the Maginstsky act in the U.S. and similar legislation in other countries that he's been lobbying for since the death of his lawyer.
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    Yep, should have included direct links to that too.

    Canada sanctions 52 human-rights violators under new Magnitsky law
    Magnitsky Act - Wikipedia

    As the wiki says "allows the US Government to sanction foreign government officials implicated in human rights abuses anywhere in the world.[" As much as he hates Obama, throwing the originator of that under a bus or at least trying to, would not be a good look for Mr Trump

    Browder: Trump May Have Agreed To Help Russian Prosecutors Pursue Him
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    His grandad was stalinist twat earl browder. Him of browderism fame.
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    Bill Browder files criminal complaint against Danske Bank

    Denmark hasn't passed a Magnitsky, but Estonia has...
    .Given the bloke's employment history I'd guess he knows the way the system works and what he's doing (better than me, anyway) but won't grandfather rights come into play here?
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    Seems like the Magintsky act is a real thorn in Putin's side, so much so that he not only asked Trump for Browder but the author as well.

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    good thread. this guy has become the george soros of the putin-is-great crowd. i have the sense that the Spanish arrest was just a way for the Spanish cops to innoculate themselves : hey look, we did it, now leave us alone .
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    - The Washington Post

    And now a tie in with the Mueller investigation :
    "That Mr. Trump would endorse this cynical and preposterous proposal might be chalked up to ignorance or confusion — except that Mr. Trump knows all about Mr. Putin’s false claims against Mr. Browder. The same charges were the subject of the June 9, 2016, Trump Tower meeting between Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and three senior Trump campaign officials, including Donald Trump Jr. The younger Trump agreed to the meeting, which is reportedly a focus of Mr. Mueller’s investigation, after being promised damaging information on Ms. Clinton. The president later dictated a misleading statement , saying the meeting was about adoptions; Mr. Putin had halted U.S. adoptions of Russian children following the passage of the Magnitsky Act."
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    Saying "he disagrees with the suggestion" is not the same as saying "no, it's not going to happen."

    Any response other than "No, fuck off" (perhaps in diplomatic language) was the wrong one here. The door is left most definitely ajar.

    I suspect it was yet another trial balloon. Don't automatically dismiss a request to extradite a citizen or resident to a country known for torturing and murdering dissidents and see how people react. Getting a bit of blowback? Walk it back just slightly so you can argue that you are rejecting the offer, but with weaselly words so they'll know you're not averse to the idea. Next time they ask, folks will be used to the idea enough you can just do it and there won't be much lather over it.

    I think there are more than a few diplomats, ex politicians, journalists, academics and activists in the US that seriously need to think of a plan for claiming political asylum outside the US, and pronto.
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    That it took days to get this row back when it's as big a fuck up as would/wouldn't. It will have given the the technocrats a tell as to what they are dealing with here

    Don't think Mueller will indite this side of the mid terms, but reckon there's probably enough prima facie evedbce to get Donald Jnr put away. If the Republicans do well enough in the mid terms think Trump will bin Mueller.
    But in those mid terms - how is even considering throwing people under a bus for drafting anti corruption laws against Russia, in any way an act of draining the swamp?

    Eyes are on this now, and it's well beyond Trump's control
    Subscribe to read | Financial Times.
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    Article is paywalled, but I get the gist.

    The arrest of Butina was also separate from the Mueller investigation. There are enough skeletons in closets rattling around that I hope there will be plenty of shit to hit the fan in the months to come. Whether or not people will care enough about the shit, or even be allowed to vote in November is another thing.

    I'm expecting "things" to happen that will either lead to GOP candidates "performing well" in the mid terms, or the elections being suspended all together.

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    Mueller was / is separate but I agree with the Washington Post editorial theory I posted up thread Putin and his "friends'. Are so worried about losing off shore I'll gotten gains that they were prepared to look for a damage limitation deal - that was what Donald Jnr brokered Trump's televised request for Russia to release the emails was taken as signiture on the deal

    Oh and fuck you Mr President if you think its your unmitigated right to throw a former SIS agent and other British nationals under the bus
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    This is going to end up with the $400 million that Putin said at the Helsinki conference was stolen from Russia and laundered to the Clintons. It's going to be a Hannity/InfoWars wankfest.
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    Rather disturbing, but not surprising this.

    Russia Uses Interpol Red Notices Against Dissidents - The Atlantic

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    Good interview here.

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    Browder really doesn't fuck about this was the tweet he put out 18hrs ago

    state of play at that stage (from the article linked to in the tweet) " the Danish bank's CEO, Borgen, said on Wednesday: "I've lived up to my legal obligations towards Danske Bank"."

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