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Best Irish bands....


There’s comfort in melancholy.....
Tamalin were quite good, they were the McSherrys from Belfast.
Rythym and Rhyme should have been a bigger album.
Stiff Little Fingers.
The Saw Doctors.
Goats Don't Shave.


Hate Ashbury
Here's one who were on heavy rotation in our house - the Johnstons. They started out as a standard ballad group, a sort of non-drinking Dubliners. Then they got into that sixties folk-pop sound, a sort of hip, Irish version of the Seekers. Here's their versh of Joni's Both Sides Now:

It's odd, really - the Johnstons were a huge act in Ireland in my folks' time, but they're sort of forgotten now. The lead singer died in what appears to have been a domestic violence incident: her partner made himself scarce after her body was found, and he was never heard from again.


I just found this. I never knew they'd done this cover of the Gordon Lightfoot song:

And here's their last album, which is best described as 'Catholic Liberation Theology Folk-Rock':

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