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Best Female Rapper


some bloke
So who is it then?

I have a contender - coming out of Detroit / West Coast : Boss - also a contender for Most Underrated MC of All Time (though there are many other contenders for that title).
Evidence below:

Also highly rated by me - Lauryn Hill, Rah Digga, Charlie Baltimore

So who got it? (skills that is) (apologies if we've done this before - fuggit, lets do it again)

"Mousey, mousey wanna douse me, douse me, with some bullets,
if you think you can - then go through with your plan,"

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Fuck off Noddy
Spinderella. As a (wannabe) rapper myself, i can tell ya that she has a cadence and gentility that is VERY hard to copy, she is a master of spoken word.


Fuck off Noddy
Gavlyn also quite good. And i love Bianca from Cocorosie. Amy Winehouse would have also been a brilliant rapper. You can tell cos of how she spits when introducing her band, on 'That thing' and she had the rhythmic cuts and shouts within.