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Belgian/Euro rave (91) for the weekend

ska invita

back on the other side
Nice article here: 20 best Belgian, R&S Euro Techno/Rave tracks

I do disagree a little with a point made in the article that it was the original rave sound, and everyone else was catching up - yes Belgian tunes were a big influence on the UK, but look at the UK tracks from 91, and even 90 and there was a fair share of hardcore tracks out there - everyone was on the samplers and the drugs and the raves at the same time and influencing each other across borders.

anyhow, this is one from that list i didnt know and i like a lot

post some more - it is the weekend after all :)


Comfortable chair.
Ah right, only just looked at that article.
They mentioned THE MACKENZIE!!!!! I have that release and fucking love it :D


Comfortable chair.
Jesus, I can't believe I spelled Wulf wrong. I blame the beer and my sheer exuberance for the subject matter :facepalm:

"Three (??) words..." (one of which is spelled WRONG) :oops::facepalm: