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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by mwgdrwg, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.


    My daughter's been offered a place at an university in London (got my brains innit). She's currently considering it amongst other offers.

    We live in a small village in the middle of absolutely nowhere, so this is going to be a culture shock if she goes. I actually studied in Liverpool and loved it, but can't really comprehend doing the same thing in London. One of the main worries at the moment is the size of the place, and that the cost of halls is twice everywhere else (at least). But the opportunity is a huge one.

    Did you move to London to go to University, how was it? Can you get cheap food, tube travel etc?

  2. Sue

    Sue Well-Known Member

    Which university is it, mwgdrwg?
  3. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    In terms of moving from a small village to London I did that (over 30 years ago now but before the Internet so I'd say the potential culture shock was even greater ) I didn't find it difficult because it is just so different that there was really no comparison.

    I think I would have found any culture shock harder if I'd moved to a larger town or smaller city than London where I might have made more comparisons, connections between there and where I grew up
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  4. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat hmm

    TFL student oyster info here

    (Oyster in this context being smart card for travel, not food - :p )
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  5. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    Central Saint Martins.
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  6. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    it's commonly believed that people in london all do the knowledge but most people just move between a small number of places and the size of the city therefore doesn't affect them much. people moving about, for example, the yorkshire dales national park are rarely overcome with the size of the place and it always strikes me as peculiar that it's so common to say oh noes it's so big when entering a city. once she's mastered the transport to and from uni and the shops - let's say a week if she's going slowly - she'll be fine
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  7. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    I think moving to London as a student is a great opportunity - there's so much happening and the social networks that are easily accessible for a new student should reduce the risk of isolation which is there for people moving later on.

    There's no getting away from the cost though. Some things can be found cheaply (food for example isn't really going to cost much more assuming she's not eating out a lot) but rent in particular definitely will. Travel I think is actually reasonable but the reality is if it's a central London uni she'll be living a fair distance away so the cost will mount up.
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  8. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    oh: in terms of travel if your daughter gets a zone 2 travelcard she'll get bus travel across london, you don't need to get an all-zones travel card.
  9. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    I am thinking more about the size with regards to being a student really, making friends, going out, going to libraries, affordable places to eat etc.

    We've been to London and even larger cities quite a few times before and she will be fine getting around.
  10. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    all the libraries she might need to use are within a couple of miles of central st martins, the farthest flung probably being the tate and v&a
  11. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

    ^^^ you have been to larger cities than London - that takes some doing ^^^

    I thought one of the great benefits of going to uni was growing up, gaining confidence, finding independence Etc. and their ain't no better place than London for this.
    Kings X is a great location albeit in North London. CSM has a great building and a superb library made difficult by having all sorts of things to look after and not just books!
    It's also very close to the superb British Library. Generally speaking, it's a very trendy area and has the likes of a huge google office there, making it an expensive area.
    There are many affordable places to eat and I am sure that word will get around about the good, bad and indifferent places to eat. Many of the chains always have offers on,
    like 2 for 1 and they are everywhere, also not forgetting the ubiquitous spoons, good for cheap food and drinks.
    Being London, it is possible to walk nearly everywhere or cycle and you could use a hire bike instead of owning one.
    London can be a great place for finding yourself, making friends, going out Etc. Though it can be a very lonely or anonymous place, a place where you can easily hide if you
    want to. London can be full of opportunity. I would have been delighted if one of mine had gone to a London Uni as they are both country folk, and not so street wise
    or confident.
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  12. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

    have you checked out CSM's alumni: Alexander McQueen, Gilbert N George, Jarvis Cocker, Paloma Faith, Stella McCartney are just a few that spring to mind.
    I gather Grayson Perry is often dropping in and offers lots of encouragement and advice to the students.

    Cheap London - look no further *Cheap/free London!
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  13. Sue

    Sue Well-Known Member

    I'd agree with this, especially the cost. While there's lots of free stuff to do and you can eat out cheaply (though if she's a student, surely she'll be living on beans on toast/pasta in tomato sauce..?), rents are really expensive. As discussed on another thread, private halls of residence in particular are eyewateringly expensive. Travel's also quite dear too I think (unless she sticks to buses which aren't).
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  14. Argonia

    Argonia Happy go licky

    She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge / She studied sculpture at Saint Martins College
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  15. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    I moved to University in London from the sticks in Wiltshire. If she's anything like me she'll love it for being the opposite of the countryside.

    IMO, it's best not to think of London in terms of the size of it. She just needs to get familiar with the locality she'll be living/studying in after all.

    I started out in halls, and then shared accommodation which keept the costs down. Looks like there's three halls for Central St Martins? One in Hackney, one in Brick Lane, and another in Acton?
  16. JimW

    JimW 支那暗杀团

    I picked London out of my options but mostly because I was a mature student and didn't fancy being in mainly university towns with studes more than ten years younger than me, whereas thought in London you could find other scenes/disappear which i did, though also a village boy so much as I enjoyed it never felt like hanging around after the course finished.
  17. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    The CSM halls are 2-300 a week! Eye-watering enough!
  18. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    Blimey my halls rent was £75 a week back in 2001. I'm still paying off the student loan and that was without fees :(
  19. Edie

    Edie Well-Known Member

    Fuuuuck :eek:
  20. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    Shocking right! How can any normal person afford this?
  21. eoin_k

    eoin_k Lawyer's fees, beetroot and music

    You should probably help her do the maths before making a choice. How much debt can she get into, how much support you can provide etc. what she's likely to be able to earn from a few shifts behind a bar and temping in the holidays... against a years rent, food and travel costs (which might not be the full cost of a travel card if she rides a bike, or can afford to live a bus journey from Kings Cross).

    Cost is the one thing you can really get a handle on. London can be a great place to live, but it can be pretty tough, too. If she comes here she'll probably experience a bit of both, but she could feel lonely and isolated on a campus university and she could have an adventure in a small university town. The one thing that you can really get a handle on is whether or not its affordable for her to survive in London. If not, it'll probably be a bit grim and not end that well.
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  22. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    Halls are not the be all and end all, a good shared flat can be a lot cheaper. But bear in mind there'll be no extra costs for heating, water, council tax, internet, in halls.

    Plus student loans are there to offset the burden of living costs. If it wasn't for my student loan, I wouldn't have been able to afford to study. Yes I moan about having to pay it off incrementally many years down the line, but it did give me the career path I'm on now.

    (he says posting on urban in the office :hmm:)
  23. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    This is exactly what we are all thinking.
  24. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    I pretty much agree with all of this. The difficulty for someone going off to University now I think though is that the debt thing is just mind-blowing. Not necessarily terrifying (although it could be) but just impossible to grasp. If you're 18, you're off to uni and you're accepting you'll get into debt, how do you even begin to compare the relative effects of being, say, £20k vs £30k in debt? What do student loan payments in your 30s have to do with the life of a teenager?
  25. Sue

    Sue Well-Known Member

    Private halls are even worse... :(
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  26. Bahnhof Strasse

    Bahnhof Strasse In the area

    My nephew is at uni in Elephant & Castle, the cost is massive, but he loves it. He comes from Surrey though, so not such a culture shock.

    Central St martins is really good, go for it, you only live once.

    edit; he's all on loans and shit, single parent, skint as fuck family. He just doesn't care about paying it back, He's 19, so can't be told differently.
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  27. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    the magic debt
  28. eoin_k

    eoin_k Lawyer's fees, beetroot and music

    You can always reassure them that, between climate change, the forthcoming resumption of the nuclear arms race and whatever apocalyptic scenario is in the news that week, it is entirely possible that they will never have to repay the debt!
  29. hash tag

    hash tag never too old

    Also UAL or LSBU? And it's easily commutable I guess.
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  30. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    Not sure, the youngest looked at Queen Mary in London, but didn't like the fact that the 'campus' was on Mile End Road, but the Halls of Residence were scattered around London - what if people she people she bonded with on her course happened to live in a completely diff part of London? Also, of course, the cost. There are students in London who are fucking loaded, doesn't make them bad people, but trying to keep up with them if you do like their company would be impossible, and let's be honest there are few worse places to be skint. Anyway, she decided that London, rather than opening new vistas and opportunities would actually limit her like nowhere else. She's at Leeds, London can wait, it ain't going anywhere.
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