Beating the Fascists: The authorised history of Anti-Fascist Action

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  1. No there's others taking an interest, none of whom I'd describe as teenagers or pensioners. Younger than me though. Which is heartening given what is needed is a working class focus and not this Trot shit.
  2. LiamO

    LiamO Well-Known Member

    Don't you start with your pesky facts. Bellend is the maaaaan.
  3. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

    Really? Fucking hell, from your posts I assumed you were about 20.
  4. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

    Your notion of 'working class' being entirely based on identity politics tho, ironically enough.

    Why do you think the IWCA failed?
  5. Thanks for the compliment.

    It hasn't.
  6. No it's based on being working class. I don't need to imagine what the people I grew up with are like. Or, indeed, the people I work with.
  7. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

  8. Perhaps you'd like to lay down your definition of 'success' and what time scale it should happen in?
  9. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

    Well, it involves a bit more than becoming one small running club in Oxford.

    What is it? Five years on and still no explanation for why they gave up.
  10. Have you got two running clubs in Sheffield? :D
  11. Success must mean joining a party who are in dispute with refuse workers.

    Now that's how I'd define 'giving up'.
  12. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

    It those kinda replies that made me think you were about twenty.
  13. Full of youthful vigour?
    Or are you about to indulge in some ageist shit about intellect?
  14. steeplejack

    steeplejack Reluctant Hardliner

    I re-read Beating the Fascists recently and there are some unintentional Ealing Comedy classics in there. Very serious stuff at the time but it is hard not to laugh at some of it now

    "Hit full in the face with a plate of spaghetti, and gassed, he made good his escape through the window...a friend was stabbed in the buttocks with a fork trying to escape through the seving hatch"

    "...a right hook planted him in the geraniums"
    (NF chairman Ian Anderson).

    a really great achievement, this book, and I hope it is still selling well.
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  15. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    Amina lone crops up again in this MEN piece today - sounds like she's actually doing some worthwhile, pro-working class stuff. No wonder they want her off the council...

    "Working class teens are portrayed like Little Britain characters" Moss Side girl tells Labour conference
  16. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

  17. Joe Reilly

    Joe Reilly Well-Known Member

    Nazir Afzal who kick started the prosecutions in the Muslim grooming scandal and who was due to be the key note speaker at annual bash for the Society of Asian Lawyers has been told he is no longer welcome. Apparently it was an article in the Daily Mail where he wrote of the need for 'the community to take greater responsibility' that led to him being 'no-platformed'.

    Following Labour's sacking of Sarah Champion and Amina Lone, he is too has now become persona non grata. What is beginning to look like a cull, will no doubt have apologists arguing it is all just a coincidence. Of course these are the same liberal apologists who argued long and hard, prior to Mr Afzal grasping the nettle, that there never was a problem to begin with. So as far as they will be concerned he has got his comeuppance. The wrong type of Muslim. Of course the SAL could never have pulled it off without the Left giving the lead. Again high fives all round.
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  18. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    It's all measurable in the papersales and weekly meetings, comrade, and defined by the line the cc hand out
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  19. planetgeli

    planetgeli There's no future in England's dreaming

    Fuck me I've seen some desperate arguments on this board but that deserves an award of its own.
  20. Joe Reilly

    Joe Reilly Well-Known Member

    Your first visit to this thread then I take it?
  21. planetgeli

    planetgeli There's no future in England's dreaming

    Whether it is or not is neither here nor there. The point is someone who argues class-based politics (or have I got that wrong?) using a woman who has operated at the establishment's bidding as some form of political point scoring.

    I thought you were better than that. But sure, carry on, don't mind me.
  22. Joe Reilly

    Joe Reilly Well-Known Member

    This might not bother you at all but that exact rationale: ' a woman doing the establishment's bidding' was also employed on Stormfront following the murder of Jo Cox.
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  23. planetgeli

    planetgeli There's no future in England's dreaming

    I bet you're fantastic at limbo dancing.

    Keep lowering the bar.
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  24. TopCat

    TopCat Gone away, no forwarding address

    Just discuss the strategy then .
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  25. Joe Reilly

    Joe Reilly Well-Known Member

    Your second ever post. Two lines. Two cliches. Your not fully engaged are you? It's sort of like exchanging messages with a donkey while he's watching a card trick.
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  26. cantsin

    cantsin Well-Known Member

    not easy seeing you posting up utter bollocks like that JoR, cribbed straight out of the smug /desperate centrist dad playbook, and with v little grounding in reality.
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  27. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

  28. Red Sky

    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

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  29. Joe Reilly

    Joe Reilly Well-Known Member

    I just did a quick scan. I saw no reference to AFA in the Midlands who made a vital contribution to squeezing the BNP/NF networks there. Written out of history. Also there is no reference to the underhand influence of Searchlight within the Northern Network from its conception, and the unwitting cover provided for them by some anarchists on the ground before and after their expulsion in 1997. Neither were Dam involved in AFA from 1985 onwards to its conclusion as is implied. They actually left along with CW in '85 and didn't return until 1989.

    As for the CW they remained outside AFA structures for the entire campaign and I cannot think of a single incident where the group's contribution might be considered noteworthy. That said AFA was a collective effort, so it is likely there will have been individual CW members who did their bit and weighed in.

    Which is why this latest attempt to quantify or divide it up into areas of group influence geographically ('RA was strong' in London. Manchester and Glasgow for example) is deliberately misleading, and frankly when not out and out revisionist, comes across as ideologically needy.
  30. Joe Reilly

    Joe Reilly Well-Known Member

    The hallmark of any self-righteous dyed in the wool liberal is the assumption that each and every challenge to his or her position must be coming from the right. So you can keep your hand-wringing to yourself. As it is highly unlikely we were ever actually on the same side to begin with.
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