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Discussion in 'festivals' started by William of Walworth, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. rich!

    rich! stalin tache

    Well, that tells me where I should heckle :)
  2. rich!

    rich! stalin tache

    This will be the first Bearded in a while I don't have any spare tickets and I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing.

    F'in a.
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  3. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

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  4. rich!

    rich! stalin tache

    So who else is camping rather than van-ing?
  5. Mogden

    Mogden I like tea

    I'll be camping. Got to get Hello Kitty out and see if she's serviceable but if you see the pink wonder, do pop by for a chat.
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  6. mr steev

    mr steev magic thought wizard

    A bit of a long shot, but does anyone have or know anyone that has a spare vehicle pass for sale?
  7. chainsawjob

    chainsawjob Kipping in the dunes

    You've reminded me I need one too.
  8. mr steev

    mr steev magic thought wizard

    Have a look on the bearded chat group on Facebook. Looks like i've sorted one now :)
  9. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    mr steev and all Urban Bearded-goers, we'll have to arrange a beer tent meetup ahead of the fest ... :) :cool:
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  10. Mogden

    Mogden I like tea

    Ha with a very large degree of flexibility on the meet time and keeping in mind mobile signal is pretty rare there :D

    Given it's 23dom's send off on Friday, I had in mind that might be an appropriate day. Festivals are one of the few times in a year I drink booze so I was going to raise a pint, or similar, to him then.
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  11. chainsawjob

    chainsawjob Kipping in the dunes

    I won't arrive til late Thursday, so Friday's good for me.
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  12. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    That looked weirdly-worded on a re-read :oops:

    So let's clarify : Main Beer Tent (opposite Pallet Stage) at about 1 pm on Friday, I'd suggest! :) :D
  13. Fishmonkeyman

    Fishmonkeyman New Member

    Anyone of a certain age that used to go out partying In london late 90s/early 00s maybe interested in Mark Sinclair doing a retro Pendragon set at 10:30 on the outdoor pirate ship. Quite excited for this trip down memory lane!
  14. Riff

    Riff B@nned from eGofestivals

    Ah I have a table booked in at Cheezy Vinyl at that time. I take it the Meet at Acko's Bar will be going on for a few hours?
  15. Mogden

    Mogden I like tea

    I don't think I've ever been at an urban festival meet up that has started on time
  16. rich!

    rich! stalin tache

    I've arrived a day early for them on occasion.
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  17. Stig

    Stig Bull in a china shop

    Got drunk yesterday in a pub with rich! and friends, and was persuaded to buy a bearded ticket :D

    Look forward to meeting you all and drinking beer. I assume there are some bands on and that, too, probably.
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  18. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Well done Stig !! You know it makes sense .... :D :)
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  19. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    My ticket has arrived.

    Paper tickets are so antequat
  20. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    We picked up our tickets (plus van pass) :) :) from our friend Andrew who we were drinking with at the weekend -- he'd ordered some early birds for us back in February, as we were away and out of internet access the time that early birds went on sale.

    And I quite like paper tickets!! Old school etc. :D
  21. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    I can't commit to meeting up cos I don't know what times I'll be compering yet. I DO know however that I got a spot in the spoken word tent, 2.44 - 2.55 on the Saturday, if any of you fancy heckling me ;)
  22. chainsawjob

    chainsawjob Kipping in the dunes

    My kids will be at the festival school that Bearded run on the friday, they've got Ali McMordie from Stiff Little Fingers coming to talk to the kids as guest teacher about his 40 years in the music business :)

    Also, here's the line up for Bards at Bearded, check out Saturday for political, loved up anarchy ;) , 1-3...

    Lineup for Bards of Bearded (subject to change, but it will be awesome whatever happens!) It's all happening in the Swamp Circus Big Top!

    Saturday 25th May 1-3pm
    Graham Parker - performance poet of renown
    Julie Bernstein - relatable and funny poems
    Paul Somers and Rob Pippington Smythe - acoustic songs and comedy
    Wanda Parker - storyteller
    Denzil 'Denzileo' Ede Denzil De Cristo - standup and stories
    Darren Howes - philosophical poetry
    Alex Tyler - a rising star of performance poetry
    Garry Marsh - eccentric characters
    Laura Taylor - political, loved-up, anarchic and funny
    Cath Connolly - festival lover and poet

    Sunday 26th May 1-3pm
    Rhymical Mike - family, love, social and political - something to raise a smile
    Bob the Bandit - the worst poet in Christendom - tales of badgers, farts and planks of wood, as someone has already written a poem about a daffodil
    Colin Daffern - excellent poetry by an expert quizzer
    Sam Tucker - up and coming songwriter
    Theo - 'The Truth is a Whole' extract from a political thriller about Brexit, Trump, Facebook, the media, the alt-right, the Valley unicorns, libertarians, neo-marxists and the russians.
    Martin Ashford - poems about festival culture and some musical surprises
    Jimtom Jimtom Keith Thomas James - Wylde words of vision, and shard observations of life - words and music
    Chris Martin - poetry, biased towards humour
    Rachel Mckeown - Miss Lexic - tongue in cheek poetry
    Sue Scargill - the Vagenda

    What a fantastic line-up! Please spread the word!
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  23. sojourner

    sojourner Where's me readers?

    I won't be doing political, OR loved up - not enough time to fit everything in, so I'm going for mammograms, shouty ranty, a lovely person, and then more shouty :D
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  24. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    chainsawjob : Martin Ashford's our very good pal! His knowledge of festivals goes back decades! :cool: :cool:

    I've just been packing, not much left :)
    I have a short six hour day tomorrow :D , festivaldeb finishes work early too, and we'll be off to Hereford for the evening -- we'll be staying over there tomorrow night (Weds) to break the journey.
    Obstacles permitting :hmm: we should be onsite, set up and wandering about by mid to late afternoon.

    The obligatory BBC weather link (I've used Lichfield) -- and for now, it looks pretty positive! :) :cool: :D :p ;) :thumbs:

    See various of you round and about site, and at the main beer tent 1 pm-ish on Friday.
    Stig -- we've not forgotten your other beer needs either! ;)
    We hope to sort that out in our shop for general supplies in Hereford on Thursday morning :)
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