BBC2 Conspiracy Files Kollerstrom et pals pwnage

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    As I know some people here have been awaiting news of transmission. Starring Nick 'Swimming Pool and Orchestra of Auschwitz' Kollerstrom, Tony 'Goose' Gosling, and John Anthony 'Muad Dib'/ Ripple Effect/JAH the Sheffield Messiah' Hill and others, but strangely not including 'Prole', of u75 fame, since she is unable to support investigative Journalism which Doesn't Believe.

    BBC2 30th June 9pm
  2. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I'll look forward to this one :)
  3. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    I'll be recording this and burning it to a DVD.

    For "the files", like.
  4. likesfish

    likesfish an angry pretend soldier shooting at seagulls

    but but they've been leaned on by the chief gecko so there just part of the machine.
    chem trails,tesla,lizards wibble,11/9,black ops, :rolleyes:
  5. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    Why have they released this on BBC2 rather than the far more reputable outlets like Youtube and Google Videos?
  6. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

  7. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    Latest news from Conway Hall is theyve decided not to allow the event to go ahead :D
  8. Divisive Cotton

    Divisive Cotton Now I just have my toy soldiers


    What a fucking fruitloop! :D
  9. jæd

    jæd Corporate Hooker

    How much pawnage are we talking about...? People rebutting each point one-by-one so they look like complete fruitloops...? :cool:
  10. laptop

    laptop Freudenschade

    It's television. Not much more than 5000 words in an hour.

    So we get pointing-and-giggling. It's BBC2, so we get pointing-and-giggling with semicolons :)
  11. jæd

    jæd Corporate Hooker

    So no chance they will be put into stocks and laughed at like the Village Idiots they are...? What do I pay my license fee for...? :mad:
  12. It will, I understand, be as fair and balanced as possible abnd seriously investigating claims that are made such as

    Peter Power ran a drill for a thousand actors
    The bombs were placed under the trains
    blah blah blah
    I can't be arsed to type them all out here.

    It will also look at the people making such claims and the traction they have and get a view from the police about what their effect is.

    For a round up of all the main 7/7 conspiracy theories, I have a guest post on my blog by Connor Spiracy and Thea Wrist, it's in green ink if you skip the preamble above the fold (which is there because there are people directly affected reading my blog who are upset by the conspiraloon theories and I wanted to warn them)
  13. :)
  14. :):)

    well, they only had a room big enough for 15 people anyway, so no great loss to the masses
  15. fogbat

    fogbat The Talibum

  16. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    I bet they play the "we iz teh oprezed" card to the hilt over it, though.

    It's a conspiracy against them, you know.
  17. likesfish

    likesfish an angry pretend soldier shooting at seagulls

    can I join the conspiracy plessez:D
  18. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    Look forward to this. The 9/11 one they did was very good.
  19. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    the lulz continue :D

    after seeing that on the nutjob forum the organiser of this event is claiming that it is going ahead as planned i thought id give conway hall another ring

    this event is categorically not going ahead, in the words of conway hall 'we dont want that sort of thing here'

    it seems the organiser refuses to accept this trying to say to conway hall that they have no right to cancel, so conway hall are in the process of writing to him to point out exactly where in the paperwork they do have the right to cancel an event

    apparantly even the old bill have been on the phone to conway hall to find out whats going on :D
  20. glenquagmire

    glenquagmire Rightwing NuLab apologist

    Never known Conway Hall to be fussy about hosting nutjob meetings before.
  21. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Thye held at leat one by this bloke before. That was before this negationist stuff came out mind.
  22. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Not having a pop, but why's that a good thing?
  23. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    he's had two meetings there according to conway hall, its the holocaust stuff they dont like

    now he's saying on the nutters forum

    which is a big whopper

    kinda makes you wonder what else hes been fibbing about :eek:
  24. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    not sure it is, just found it amusing for some reason
  25. Yeah, and I bet they blame it all on the Jews/Zionists/the Zionist controlled media/the New World Order of Zionist Haterz/M16 and M15/and the CIA and Bilderberg group like what they always do


    The person claiming it is still going ahead, and that smokedout has been 'phoning up Conway hall and impersonating him' is not Kollerstrom, but a man called Daniel Obachike, who is speaking with Kollerstrom at the meeting as a guest speaker. Obachike claims to be a survivor of the bus bomb at Tavistock Square and says he became aware that it was all a set up by M15 and M16 agents. These agents pretended to be wounded, organised the crowd of survivors and witnesses and since then have been relentlessly plaguing him, all the time, harassing him and so on, following him into bookshops etc. Obachike wrote a book about all this and goes round hawking it at conspiraloon gatherings, after failing to sell his story to the media for thousands of pounds. The book contains a bizarre chapter about me and my husband, set in my flat, presented as if he had been interviewing me or something; But Obachike had never met me at the time of writing, or my husband, nor been in my flat, although I am fairly sure that he tracked down my address and peered through the window.

    I find him bloody creepy and if he is prepared to lie about my husband and flat, he is certainly prepared to lie about other things. And indeed he has just done, by lying that smokedout pretended to be him and lying that the meeting is going ahead, when it has been cancelled.

    Being charitable, I think Obachike is quite seriously mentally ill.

    Kollerstrom, of course, is quite happy to accept Obachike's claims that he is a bus survivor who knows Teh Truth and has been relentlessly stalked by large numbers of state agents who have so far been unable to prevent him publishing his book or blogging or doing talks. But then what do you expect from someone who comes out with all the unbelievable drivel he does about the holocaust and 7/7 and all the rest of it?

    Kollerstrom did find out one thing: the train time given out as being the one taken by the bombers was wrong. If you remember 'Prole', she made this the foundation of her entire campaign for the government to 'release the Evidence!'. Prole now claims she and her 'J7 truth' site have never had anything to do with Kollerstrom: this is a lie. Prole also makes much of being neutral but under pressure on urban 75 wrote' It's a travesty of justice - thiose men didn;t do it!' ( ref. to 7.7 bombers). So she is a conspiraloon, but a cleverer one than Kollerstrom et al.

    I was talking to someone recently who has made a career about writing and making documentaries about extremists and conspiracy theorists and he was angsting about whether the common thread is mental illness, and he shouldn't therefore 'mock the afflicted' by covering such people

    But when they are aggressively pushing total lies as truth, lies that have a pernicious effect and actually do real damage, ('Protocols of Zion' type lies, and we all know what they caused) and when you go digging, you find that their world views are springing from discredited philosophies of pure hatred such as antisemitism, does the precarious mental health of the believer justify holding back?

    No, I think you have to attack the belief not the believer, but it's hard, when their belief is more or less all they are, not to end up with them in the firing line as well, with real world consequences from holding such beliefs.

    If Nick Kollerstrom is mentally ill, if Daniel Obachike and Tony Gosling and Anthony John Hill aka 'Muad Dib' are mentally ill, should the beeb not hold their activities up to scrutiny? Or should they debunk their stuff on the grounds that it is a matter of public interest to do so?

    Should their paranoia be fed by their meetings being cancelled and fellowships revoked and opprobium being heaped upon them, is that tough luck on them, and would we be more gentle if their mental illnesses
    ( assuming they have one) manifested itself in harmless beliefs about, I dunno, crop circles o rsomething, rather than Holocaust denial, and the flat-out denial of the existence of suicide terrorism in the UK because of a belief in an all-powerful and oppressive UK State, which is part of a shadowy cabal of NWO rulers, who are all to a man Zionist evildoers?
  26. Anyway, how on earth did the police find out about it?

    Perhaps they are jumpy after the recent al Muhajiroun Conway Hall ructions thuggery chaos

    Or maybe Conway Hall phoned for advice.

    I think Al Muhajiroun deny the Holocaust as well, hmmmm. But their meeting got cancelled because Anjem Choudary's Al Muj 'security' goons aggressively refused women entry, since men and women must not sit together and enjoy sinful 'free mixing'. Conway Hall organisers were thus able to wrest the mike away from Choudary and bin the meeting as they don't do gender segregation.

    Cue Choudary ranting on about being oppressed as usual. Cops had to come and deal with scuffling.
  27. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    I'm quite surprised that either al-Muh or "teh conspiraloonz" would use Conway Hall anyway, given the history of use by various free-thinkers, quasi-masonic organisations and neo-Pagans and Wiccans. I'd have thought they'd worry about getting contaminated. ;)
  28. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    If they knew much about history they would be less likely to develop such crude belief systems, and would be more likely to escape the clutches of paranoid random dot joining.

    Or some of them dont actually believe the stuff they spout and its just a means to an end, I suppose certain chapters of history could have taught them such techniques.
  29. Oh dear, the 9/11 troofers are not happy about Conway Hall deciding not to host Kollerstrom's book launch

  30. kyser_soze

    kyser_soze Hawking's Angry Eyebrow

    Baroness Mandy's press secretary ran a drill for 7/7 actors? WTF?

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