Battersea Power Station

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by Donna Ferentes, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    Pigs might fly, but apparently work is going to start soon (if it has not started already) in order to create a large shopping, leisure, conference and accommodation complex, due to open in 2009.

    I suppose the site wouldn't have been suitable for social housing or anything.
  2. corporate whore

    corporate whore oh, thought you were dead

    My thoughts exactly. What a fucking waste of land, just when the need for affordable housing is at the top of London's agenda.

    But oooh, no. Another retail experience! Greeeeeaaaaaaat. :rolleyes:
  3. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    Thanks for providing a great link, Justin. That picture of the Marie Celeste-like messroom is brilliant!

    I may be being cynical, but I can see what happened in the 80s (property magnate buys Power Station, starts ripping it about to develop a shrine to capitalism, recession hits, developer goes bust, one of the most magnificent buildings in London is left to rot..... :( ) happening again.

    I visited the Wandsworth Museum in Garratt Lane earlier this year & there is a poignant poster in there from the early 80s. I think it's one of the Council's - "Battersea Power Station is now no longer needed by the CEGB & is available for community use....." or words to that effect. I think it dates from 1983, just before I moved here, and it really brought home to me that that is another era......whatever happened to the possibility of "community use"? (Wandsworth Council going from Labour to Thatcherite Tory is probably what).

    I can see that such a huge building would be too great a challenge for most community groups but having watched it decay in parallel with the magnificent regeneration of Bankside, I lament it not having been used similarly - it would have made a great museum of London's industrial heritage, for example, or even another art gallery!

    As for social housing - there is a weeny amount of Section 16 (planning gain) social housing on the site (the site is HUGE) within the luxury :rolleyes: :rolleyes: riverside apartments, but that is a drop in the ocean & from what I've heard, it is shared ownership only & starts at c. £200,000. :mad:
  4. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    Making it social housing in no sense that I can think of (a point I'm well aware you were not oblivious to).
  5. Phototropic

    Phototropic Well-Known Member

    Got the shock of my life (well not quite but let's excuse hyperbole for a min) was watching Monty Python the other day and it had a view over London and there was smoke coming out of Battersea Power Station!

    I fucking love the building. I find it absolutly incredible that there was a time when something like that had to be built brick by brick. Really makes you think.

    EDIT: Like with all landmarks I definatley agree that they should be open to the many not the few. One of the reasons why I have never warmed to the Gherkin when I might otherwise have done.
  6. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    Wandsworth Council have had run-ins with Ken & the GLA about trying to dodge their planning gain obligations - it is verging on the obscene that schemes like this (which is next to the Power Stn site) will tick their boxes in terms of providing "social" housing for planning gain. I think there may be some housing in the Power Stn site itself but you can bet your last penny that it will be a similar set-up.

    Where do all the people come from who can afford such flats? :confused:
  7. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    They do important things like clinching deals, owning production companies and facilitating meetings.
  8. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    Real "key" workers then!!!

    I suspect a huge number are bought & let out at unthinkable rents.

    One thing I have wondered recently, noticing the absolutely phenomenal amount of so-called "luxury" flats built in the last seven or so years, is if there is any housing gain lower down the chain. E.g. fantastically wealthy yup Citykids sell house in Fulham & buy £1m riverside apartment. Less wealthy yups buy house in Fulham, moving from large flat in nobby bit of Clapham. Aspiring middle-manager & partner buy large flat in Clapham, leaving their less large 2-bed flat in, say, Brixton or Balham. Teacher & her partner mortgage themselves to the hilt to buy Brixton/Balham flat, leaving their one-bed council flat. And so on. The "chain" will often be longer & more complicated, but what I mean is that there should, numerically, be more housing available, even if the new stuff is blatantly not affordable.

    The reason there isn't is unclear to me: I suspect second homes, the trend towards more people in smaller units, & a transient population in the higher end of the rental market all play a part.
  9. BadlyDrawnGirl

    BadlyDrawnGirl Piano Tuna

    Same shit as ever, sadly. I mean, why pay any attention to socio-economic policies when there's a menacing backhander from a decidedly humungous multinational property developer on the cards, eh Tony...? Hmmm?
  10. Pie 1

    Pie 1 The fuck did I do?

    Nice link Justin.

    I got a river taxi from Westminster to Kew last month and had no idea just how many of these luxury riverside appartments there were now. All of them seem to be cut from a similar blueprint too - sort of bridge of a ship look - really ugly from the outside.
    I heard as well, that many get bought as investments or to rent out.
  11. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    They've beeen promising to regenerate it since I was a kid, I'll believe it when I see it.

    Great, great building though, its a shame it wasn't regenerated for the Millenium instead of the bloody Dome.
  12. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    dont mean to be pedantic, but I dont think it would make good housing... there would be no windows.
  13. jæd

    jæd Corporate Hooker

    Not a problem. Then you wouldn't see all the chavs who would live there... :D
  14. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Always been fascinated by Battersea's Power Station. I hope it is open to the public before I die, though I would not want to see the predictable and bland restaurants and shops plaguing the place.

    Fanstatic pictures on that BBC article. It was almost like one of Ed's photo features on U75.

    In fact I'm sure Ed would love to be let loose in there with a camera for a few hours... :D
  15. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos

    A heretic writes...

    Is it really a great building? I can't make my mind up :confused:

    Station A (the 1929 half of the bulding - it only had two chimneys until the 1950s!) has some fine art deco interiors around the control room.


    But given the destruction of the rest of the interior, would they be better understood reassembled in the Science Museum rather than in the middle of a shopping mall?

    I agree the chimneys are a landmark, and part of the folk memory of anyone brought up in the last sixty years in south London and those parts of the south of England served by trains to Victoria or Waterloo - for whom it meant there was only ten minutes before arrival in the capital.

    It shows how architecture can be used to tame a bloody enormous bit of engineering in distant views. The architect Giles Gilbert Scott was only brought in because of protests that the building was too large and would be an eyesore for long distances along the river!

    But it certainly isn't on a human scale, and I suspect that seen close up all those millions of bricks will look just as dull as Bankside does.
  16. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    Obviously the power station itself wouldn't make great housing material, but there's a huge area around it which would...

    As for the power house, I always think of Pink Floyd's Animals album when I see it! :D

    Couldn't they turn it into a massive, affordable, leisure centre? (or at least some of it?). If they really gave a shit they'd do that, and also add some other community orientated things to it, like a libray, doctor's surgery, dentist, maybe even some sort of adult education college...

    Nah, it'd never happen! :(
  17. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    They should have used it to house the British Library instead of the red brick monstrosity in St Pancras.
  18. Tricky Skills

    Tricky Skills Well-Known Member

    The BBC gained access for those wonderful pictures because of the 'story' that a Jobcentre has just opened up on site. Owners Parkview promise 9,000 local jobs, but I can only find two advertised online.

    Local toady MP Martin Linton doesn't inspire confidence either, being a lobbyist for Parkview :(

    I've blooged a little about this with all the links and stuff HERE - scroll down a post or two.
  19. corporate whore

    corporate whore oh, thought you were dead

  20. Tricky Skills

    Tricky Skills Well-Known Member


    Actually it graced Animals.
  21. corporate whore

    corporate whore oh, thought you were dead

    :oops: of course...
  22. Skim

    Skim has retired

    So who is reponsible for all the hi-falutin' bullshit posters outside the power station? The ones telling you about the Ideas Generation (whatever the hell that is) and 'motivational' straplines such as "I think, there I can"?

    Makes me retch every time I pass it on the bus. Empty, meaningless crap.
  23. districtline

    districtline Well-Known Member

    i remember having a few friends coming over from abroad, this was when i was living in london, and they wanted me to take them on a tour of the city. i started at battersea power plant. only unofficiall sightseeing tours like mine start there :D

    love that building though and living in that tiny room in fulham was worth it when i could go jogging to the gates of battersea park and look at the power plan in the summer evenings.
  24. Dask

    Dask Rebel Intelligence

    I've always wanted to know more about the doomed theme park that was going to be built in the late 80's.

    Are there any plans online to illustrate what it could of looked like it it had gone ahead?

    I've always had images in my mind of a rollercoaster going round the chimneys. :D
  25. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos

    Haven't seen anything visual - but this gives a flavour...

  26. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    If you think that's bad, take a look at their website:

    The bit about "location" emphasises that it is next to Kensington & Chelsea. No mention of which bit of Battersea it's in, or of it being in Wandsworth Borough. I thought they were both OK areas myself, but they are obviously far too vulgar and too rough ;) :D to be mentioned, lest the gilded potential occupants of this site be frightened away..............
  27. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    Well, some parts of the Wandsworth Road are tastier than others.
  28. Skim

    Skim has retired

    But it's on Battersea Park Road.

    There's no escaping the huge estates on the other side of the road from the Power Station... wonder what would happen to them should the site be developed?
  29. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    Indeed it is. But you'd want to know what the neighbours were like...
  30. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Hearts Cov

    one reason i can speculate that it has taken so long to reach any sort of agreement on how it will be reused is that in order to reuse the site there will probably be substantial remediation costs involved. for any developer to consider undertaking this along with all the other planning gain costs that wandsworth are going to ask for they ahve ahd to find a scheme that will allow them to buy the site, cover their own build costs and planning gain costs and to still make a profit for themselves. if they didnt they wouldnt be doing it. i dont see a whole long list of public sector bodies lining up to redevelop the site do you?

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