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    I feel like dcdulwich hasn’t done much in August so far...

    Would he be kind enough to list first tuesday attendances from last 3 seasons please?
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    Anything for you mon frere. I’ve done a few extra than you asked for in an attempt to make up for my indolence...

    First home Tuesday league game crowds from recent seasons:
    727 vs East Thurrock Utd 8/8/18 (at Imperial Fields)
    659 vs Hendon 12/9/17
    843 vs Enfield Town 16/8/16
    625 vs Leatherhead 8/9/15
    513 vs Peacehaven & Telscombe 19/8/14
    479 vs Cray Wanderers 20/8/13
    330 vs Hythe Town 30/10/12

    In 2012/13 our Tues average was higher than for Sat/BH largely due to a crowd of 1073 vs Maidstone. That was not bettered midweek until 2017/18 when we had 1199 on 14/11/17. That’s our best Tuesday crowd since accurate records were kept.
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    Excellent. Targets set for tonight then :)

    I hope you pulled this out from the spreadsheet via your phone like you did for me once before, it was tres impressive.
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    10th August 2019
    first Home Saturday game of the season V St Albans


    Beating previous highest in modern times (ie last 50 years)

    Dulwich Hamlet
    v Staines Town - 1,096 (August 2017)


    First home game of the 2019/20 season at home was V Wealdsdtone
    Tuesday evening 6th August 2019 (note not bank holiday weekday)
    Attendance: 1,484
    Tues 6th Aug 2019

    this set a record attendance for the first home game of the season in modern times
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    Average attendances so far (11/08/19)

    Maidstone United 2,015
    Dulwich Hamlet 1,442
    Havant & Waterlooville 1,348
    Weymouth 1,283
    Tonbridge A 954
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    1,521 against Concord Rangers 17 Aug 2019 (second Saturday home game)
    on a sunny day

    DHFC Average home attendance now 1,468 (2nd)
    Maidstone United remain top of attendance in the League 1,847

    August record home attendance remains 1,866

    *correction thanks to Pink Panther note below
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    It's actually 1,866 v Tooting & Mitcham United, Bank Holiday Monday 28 August 2018 2017. The Isthmian League kindly gave us our best two opportunities of a bumper crowd in August, when attendances tend to be at their lowest. A feat repeated this season by the National League with the Wealdstone and Maidstone games both on early midweek evenings.
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    Was the game against Tooting in august 2018 at KNK
  10. PartisanDulwich

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    Dulwich Hamlet Women's Team V Aylesford (first league game)
    18th August 2019
    attendance 236

    Friendly V
    Orient (21st July 2019 first game) 225
    AFC Wimbledon, (28th July) 156 (updated thanks)
    Crystal Palace (4 Aug) 244 (also seen 224)
    Crawley Wasps (11 Aug) 132
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    Sorry, that should have read 2017. It was at Champion Hill when Kenny Beaney scored twice in a 2-1 win. We never played a home game with Tooting on their ground, and didn't play them at all in 2018.
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    DHFC Women had a higher gate than every division, up until the Championship.

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