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Aston Villa 2012/2013: Up the Villains

Discussion in 'football' started by maximilian ping, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes from one of the worst seasons in living memory, the Villa are reborn.

    We've got rid of He Who Shall Not Be Named and now have a good new manager, who was a cool player, he's a cool character and he's done well at Colchester and Norwich.

    Plus we've got rid of that terrible tea towel kit and got a decent one, although lets not say too much about the day-glo away kit.

    So far we've got in: Brett Holman, Matt Lowton, Karim El Ahmadi and likely Ron Vlaar
    And out the door: Heskey, Cuellar and hopefully Hutton


    Seems from the friendly game against world football super power Burton Albion, that Lowton, El Ahmadi and Holman did very well. Not sure about this Vlaar geezer - few people seem to think he is a donkey but not sure if that is crap or not.

    Who should we get? I reckon we should get in Bosingwa on a free and get rid of Hutton. There is a talk of Bertrand from Chelsea and Ramis from Real Mallorca but not sure if true. We def need a striker as Gabby, Bent and Weimann not good enough trio, and we need a left back who isn't Warnock.

    Anyway, looks like the sun will finally be shining on Villa Park

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  2. tommers

    tommers Yourdisco needs you

    I love optimistic OPs in football threads. It gives so much potential.
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  3. Well its been so dismal even a mid table finish and a better style of playing will keep me happy. I have low expectations, but at least ive got expectations. Anyway, we'll 'hammer' you bunch of cock knee kit stealers :p
  4. tommers

    tommers Yourdisco needs you

    Kit WINNERS. Kit WINNERS. :)
  5. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    No Heskey :(
  6. “We’ll try and play football – I don’t like long ball,” so sayeth the new manager, Amen
  7. lol at players describing possibility of moving to Aston Villa as a "dream move".
  8. manny-p

    manny-p candy coloured clown

    any news on Stan?
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  10. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    Lambert is going to need time to mould a team into his own image. I can see another season of transition, hopefully with an upper-mid-table finish and perhaps a cup run. I haven't seen the new signings play but I like the cut of their jib, particularly El-Ahmadi who will hopefully get the midfield keeping possession and passing in the way that it should. That is, of course, as long as Collins doesn't keep bypassing them and giving it straight back to the opposition.

    I'm not so bothered about replacing Warnock .... I've never understood the approbrium he attracts from some Villa fans. To me he's always seemed a hard-working if unspectacular left back. Hutton must go as he was a complete liability last season .... couldn't defend without hacking people and couldn't cross the ball either. If we get a decent right back in, I'll be happy so that Lambert then has time to mould a team and bring the youngsters through.
  11. I agree with this. and maybe left back is not such a problem, we have Clarke as well. But I think PL will soon realise that out midfield is also lacking in creativity (as per usual) and that Ireland, Delph, Bannan, NZogbia would not get a game at NUFC for eg, and so we need someone else in there, eg Dempsey type.
  12. Ranu

    Ranu Poster of the Weak

  13. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

  14. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    James Collins on his way, apparently to be replaced by Dutchman Ron Vlaar.

    Alan Hutton hopefully to follow, going to Stoke (they deserve each other).

    Lambert is overhauling the defence, dispensing with the cloggers and getting more thoughtful players in who might actually pass the football rather than hoofing it up to forwards.

    He is moulding a team who will play the right sort of football. Hopefully it will also be more successful football.
  15. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    Yes, I think that article is a fair summary. The only point of disagreement I have with it is that I don't think that expectations are too high amongst most Villa fans, most of whom are sensible enough and will recall that O'Neill finished 11th in his first season with a much higher level of spending than Lambert has been permitted. After last year's debacle, we must be patient and allow Lambert time to rebuild.

    I really wouldn't pay much heed to pre-season games .... lower league opposition start their season earlier and are usually further ahead in their pre-season schedule than Premier league teams. Chelsea lost to Brighton on the same day that we got turned over by Forest.
  16. PLEASE CAN WE BUY SOMEONE aaaaaah. how annoying!
  17. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    3-0 down at home to Everton at half-time. :facepalm:

    Lambert seriously needs to put a rocket up the team's arses or we'll be relegated by January at this rate. :facepalm:
  18. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards m©JiŢoËŞ for BŘe@ĸƑaƽƮ

    Everton are looking class mind.

    We are looking totally fucking hopeless and clueless.
  19. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    So quite a few bodies brought in during the transfer window, then. The question is whether there is enough quality mixed in with the quantity.

    This lad Benteke is a bit of a gamble .... he's had a decent season and a half but it was in the Belgian League. The reported £5.5 million is a lot for someone relatively untested. If it works out he will be a good foil for Bent and should take some of the pressure off our star centre-forward.

    Anyone know anything about the lower league signings, Bowery, Bennett and Westwood?
  20. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards m©JiŢoËŞ for BŘe@ĸƑaƽƮ

    Not a clue, but they're all taking a huge leap.

    We need (desperately) an old horse to join on a freebie. We are missing a good captain. In many ways I like the approach Lerner is taking this season. Giving Lambert a chance to build a young team willing to play attractive football. We have very nice training facilities and everything in place to groom young talent. On the other hand, I worry that it is just about grooming young talent to sell on at a profit and nothing much more.

    Have to expect to lose to Newcastle tomorrow. We will rightfully be holding bottom place still.
  21. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards m©JiŢoËŞ for BŘe@ĸƑaƽƮ

    Well that wasn't bad at all. Looking like a top 8 finish is possible. Bringing in the young talent and giving them a big break might not be such a bad idea.
  22. Ranu

    Ranu Poster of the Weak

    Feeling much more optimistic after the last couple of performances. Some of the new lads really starting to shine. 2 more eminently winnable games agains Soton and W.Brom coming up. Just need to get Bent scoring and we're looking like a decent team.

    Please don't let this be the kiss of death...
  23. Brubricker

    Brubricker --------------------

    Some of us in the US will be paying attention now that Guzan and Lichaj are getting real playing time.
  24. Notorious J.I.M

    Notorious J.I.M Well-Known Member

    Saturday was amazing, the team played as a team and the fans were all behind them and the manager. It's been a while since we could say that at the Villa.
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  25. discokermit

    discokermit Well-Known Member

  26. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    Stanley swings back from extreme pessimism to utter optimism like a pendulum!

    Top 8 isn't realistic in my view. 10th or so should be achievable and I'll be happy with that after the debacle of last season.
  27. Notorious J.I.M

    Notorious J.I.M Well-Known Member

    Fucking hell what a rollercoaster 3 days! Losing 4-1 at the Saints on Saturday followed with a 4-2 win at Man City! It's certainly not dull following the Villa anymore. :) Roll on the weekend and the in form Baggies. Should be a good watch for the neutrals.
  28. Ranu

    Ranu Poster of the Weak

    I was really impressed with the way we played yesterday, fighting for every ball, and running like maniacs for the whole 90 minutes. I thought we were on top for the whole game apart from the opening 15 mins of the 2nd half when they scored. I really like the way Lambert's got us playing and I think a bit more luck and a bit more cohesion and we'll be in the top half soon enough.
  29. Ranu

    Ranu Poster of the Weak

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