Asteroid hits Earth

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    On Saturday morning just (2nd June), around breakfast time, the NASA Catalina Sky Survey spotted an incoming asteroid (designated 2018LA) at about the distance of the Moon.
    Early calculations indicated it was on an Earth impacting trajectory (only the third time one has ever been spotted just prior to impact).
    Sure enough it re-entered and exploded over Botswana around 1644UT Saturday (some 8 hours after first observation):

    (video observation at location of yellow cross-hairs in previous image).

    The (approx.) 2m diameter asteroid exploded with an estimated yield of 0.3 to 0.5 kilotons of TNT, CTBTO infrasound monitoring confirming both the yield, location and time.
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  2. High Voltage

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    I KNEW I'd heard something
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  3. Don Troooomp

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    We argue about a garden fence or a tree blocking out the sunlight, then .....
    Perhaps we should all learn to be nice because any moment could see a fucking big rock landing on our heads.
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  4. agricola

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    2m diameter and half a kiloton?

    Half a kiloton:

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  5. 2hats


    2.6-3.8m diameter according to most recent estimates. Mass about 25-35 tonnes. Velocity something like 17km/s. That’s around 4*10^12 J (up to a kiloton of TNT). Latest evaluation puts the main breakup event at 0.3-0.5kT.

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