Art As A Weapon: London Anarchist Communist Group Public Meeting

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    Art As A Weapon: Art and Anarchism

    Public Meeting convened by London Anarchist Communist Group

    Sunday April 7th at 2pm at May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4 (nearest tube Blackfriars and St Paul’s)

    Art as a Weapon What is the relationship between Art and Anarchism? Who are the anarchist artists? Why have many artists declared themselves anarchists? What are anarchist themes and anarchist aesthetics in art? Should art be just a weapon in the social struggle, or should the ideals of “everyone an artist” and “education through art” be among the defining principles of a new society? An illustrated talk followed by discussion.

    Martyn Everett is a member of the New Anarchist Research Group and the Unite Community. He is an occasional contributor to a variety of anarchist magazines and the author of 'War and Revolution: the Hungarian anarchist movement in WW1 and the Budapest Commune, 1919', and also 'Art as a Weapon: Franz Siewert and the Cologne Progressives'.
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  3. charlie mowbray

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