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Arsenal 2011/2012

Discussion in 'football' started by Diamond, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel DelusionalDancer Since1991

    Have you been drinking?
  2. deadringer

    deadringer meat pie sausage roll

    not true, arsenal have won the emirates cup '07, '09, and 2010
  3. Daniel

    Daniel DelusionalDancer Since1991

    I was so tempted to say that, as well as women's cups ;)
  4. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    Who needs alcohol when you can be intoxicated by the magical artistry and mesmerising play of Sunderland FC?
  5. Daniel

    Daniel DelusionalDancer Since1991


    Anti-bantered :( Fair play.
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  6. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom doesn't like the cut of your jib

  7. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    Cup runneth under
  8. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

    The annual collapse is officially upon us :facepalm:
  9. agricola

    agricola a genuine importer of owls

    The only Arsenal player to evoke any sympathy from that game was Oxlade-Chamberlain, who bust a gut to get back for the second goal and then saw the ball hit him and go in. The rest of them were a shower, even Arteta who now looks a shadow of the player who he was in blue.
  10. Big Gunz

    Big Gunz Well-Known Member

    Nothing left to play for except 4th now, and even that is looking unlikely!
  11. iROBOT


    I'm really speechless at the "performances" in Milan and Sunderland. Every single thing in our play was wrong, flat, lackluster and (worst of all) playing with absolutely no heart.

    In the League at Sunderland we showed some grit and I really thought this would be a springboard. Instead we get exactly the opposite.These past two games have been the worst I've seen this team play. It's been painful.

    Now, having said all that, winning cups wasnt our priority after that abomination of a start, in that respect we remain in contention for fourth and stand a chance. We (I'm sure) were all resigned to another trophyless season from the fourth week, so these exists are of no surprise. The nature in which we've exited is and is deeply worrying.

    The game against the Stratford Hotspurs is make-or-break for this crop of players (one feels). Massive game.
  12. anchorage

    anchorage banned Banned

    I agree Arteta was brilliant the year we won the league.
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  13. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    The Prof:
    So, the pitchs, the Ref and bad luck with cup draws - which must be a relief as you could otherwise think, Persy aside, it's a squad of past-its, injury prone and middle table wank.

    At least you have a chance to turn things around next week. On Sunday. 1.30 kick off.
  14. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

    Apparently we allowed the opposition six shots on target this week (Milan five, Sunderland one) and conceded 6 goals,unfuckingbelievable,couple of tough games coming up,Swampdwellers next weekend and then the Mickeys away the following week,if we're still fourth after that I'll be fucking amazed,the whole team looks bereft of confidence and Wenger looks clueless atm.
  15. paulhackett

    paulhackett voiced by strother martin

    Our central defnders, Doherty and Anthony Gardner, were fantastic and I told them that when they go to bed tonight they should think of each other.

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  16. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    Their modern day equivalent being Squillaci and Djourou.
  17. discokermit

    discokermit Well-Known Member

    this is quite funny,


    "Today, however, as one gazes like Stout Cortez, silent upon a peak in Darien, it is not with Euclidian joy at the angular, mathematical interplay of Arsenal FC but with a Euripidean pang of the tragic. For there are no more peaks, no more “Dariens” but so many troughs and Darrens. Darrens, Darrens and Lees and Cattermoles, and Routledges, swarming through midfield, taking uncouth advantage of every understandable little relapse into ennui on the part of Arsenal's poets of the pitch. No accents, acute or grave, rest atop their base surnames, these Higginsbothams, these Hogglesthwaites, no circumflexes, no diacritics of any kind, as we are wont to chant in the upper tiers of the Emirates."
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  18. Gmart

    Gmart Well-Known Member

    When will we ever work out our defense? It has been years now, and it not as if defensive coaches don't exist - there must be plenty who would love to do the job - I get the feeling that Wenger sees it as an admission of fault (and he's not wrong), but it must be done!

    At this rate even fourth is looking uncertain!
  19. revol68

    revol68 what, fucking what?

    it's more than quite funny, it's genius, best piece of football satire I've read in a long time.
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  20. iROBOT


    This is an incredible stat, and a damning one. Our defence was legendary and has now become a laughing stock. I think this Summer is going to be monumental for the future of this club.
  21. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    The summers three and then two years ago were "monumental". It's over now. Decline has been, and remains, inevitable since then.
  22. TitanSound

    TitanSound Mr Beardy Drummer

    No, this WILL be monumental.
  23. iROBOT


    You keep beliving that sunshine, and we'll see how you cope with massive over development of an area in terminal decline and a worthless ground and then see how you try and stay in the top four (that's presuming you'll finish in the top four this year).
  24. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

    Said the same last summer though did'nt we? Something needs to change all the same,Pat Rice is retiring at the end of the season,like to see someone like Bouldy replace him and maybe bring Martin Keown back to sort out the defence.Did'nt realise we'd miss David Dein so much either.
  25. iROBOT


    Not to this degree and a lot of us were hoping that Nas and Fab would stay so "project youth" could maybe stumble on for another year. Wenger has said as much, about being the end of a cycle that failed and failed miserably last year in the Carling Cup.

    One thing s for sure, we cant carry on like this. The Barca model is good, majority from the youth with big bucks spent on filling the gaps the youth system couldn't. These are not 50 mill + players either, we can afford the 20 - 30 mill and that's the type of quality player that we lack at the moment (or we dont have enough of).
  26. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

    Correct me if Im wrong but I think Titan is a gooner.
  27. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    So, what are you guys' plans for St Tottingham's Day this year?
  28. iROBOT


    Yes Sir. Was talking to LC (everyones least favourite Spud)
  29. iROBOT


    It's called the Anti-St Tottingham's Day (get it right). Had to happen one day.

    And to answer your question, for me it'll be a date with a large bottle of valium.
  30. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

    Ah right,dont know what the Spuds are crowing about,wait till Twitch leaves to manage England,Modric and Bale are knocking on Levy's door looking for a big pay rise which if they dont get will no doubt be making eyes at Chelsea,RM etc or whoevers prepared to pay what they are looking for and Adeybayor fucks off back to RM,Citeh or whatever club he belongs to these days and on top of that having to redevelop Shite Hart Lane,one swallow does'nt make a summer.

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