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Arsenal 2011/2012

Discussion in 'football' started by Diamond, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Diamond

    Diamond The Red Baron

    So where will we be in 12 months time then?

    Champions or widely admired also-rans?

    First signing of the summer today:


    Promising, right position to strengthen in but not quite the transfer market solution to encourage our stars to stay or immediately augment our squad.
  2. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    Also-rans. I think Wenger is shitting bricks wrt next season, he know's he's not infallible anymore and another season without silverware will be the end of him. Dunno about Fab - could well be that he fucks off, but even so you desperately need some steel back in your team. Could well see Nasri fucking off too.
  3. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    cant see arsenal finishing above 4th or below 6th. Should be an interesting battle between the goons, liverpool and spurs to see who qualifies for europe this year.

    Arsenal really really need to sort themselves out defensively and find someone other then RVP who is prepared to shoot.

  4. newme

    newme Giant in Pastyland now

    Fabregas would be heading for Barcelona atm if they had the 54m or whatever Arsenal valued him at, can see big bids coming in from City and Real for him very soon. Nasri apparently also unsettled and has been linked with a possible move to United, tho Wenger on record saying they wouldn't sell him to us. Only one year left on his contract tho so if he decides hes not signing another one then they'll have to cash in somewhere.

    Thats two of your main players gone.

    Desperately need a goalkeeper and one or two centre backs, plus obviously replacing whichever of those above that leave with suitable replacements.
  5. Streathamite

    Streathamite ideological dogmatist

    just get bloody buying Wenger! we need a striker, a backup keeper, a CB and a DM. and we need to ship out denilson, bendtner, Squillaci and diaby
  6. newme

    newme Giant in Pastyland now

    A backup keeper? U need an actual keeper first.
  7. TitanSound

    TitanSound Mr Beardy Drummer

    We don't need another youngster, we need someone who has had a good few seasons experience. Hopefully this is just cover.
  8. nuffsaid

    nuffsaid But this goes up to 11

    Amen to all of that!
  9. Streathamite

    Streathamite ideological dogmatist

    we have one; Chesney
  10. Streathamite

    Streathamite ideological dogmatist

    england missed out on a promising talent there, by the look of it.
    Now if we could do thye same, BUT WITH MORE EXPERIENCE!!!
  11. g force

    g force Affects Shatner's Basoon

    If Cesc goes to Real Madrid i'd be surprised - they've also got Alonso, Ozil and Sahin. All depends how willing he is to go and how much Arsenal hold out for. £40m seems about right.
  12. Streathamite

    Streathamite ideological dogmatist

    Nope. £50m minimum, if Torres is worth that
  13. tommers

    tommers Yourdisco needs you

    £55 million.
  14. newme

    newme Giant in Pastyland now

    Real will do pretty much anything to try and catch Barca, if taking their main target helps in that all the better.
  15. g force

    g force Affects Shatner's Basoon

    That argument doesn't really hold up because David Villa is far better and cost £35m.
  16. Streathamite

    Streathamite ideological dogmatist

    OK, but to me the point is 'the fee the market will take'. Chelsea and Real both pay stupid money for players at their peak, whereas barca and us have a better rep for developing young talent. So - I reckon Real can be every bit as daft as the dodgy russian!
  17. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

    Fuckin this^^^^^^^ Another dismal run like the one we endured over the last 3 months of last season and he'll be under severe pressure
  18. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    6 points the gap between the goons and Tottenham last season, 5 the year before. With both squads likely to be revamped it should be an interesting season . . .
  19. Daniel

    Daniel DelusionalDancer Since1991

    God I hope the squad has some good additions!

    I have no literally no idea what Wenger will do (I guess none of us to be fair but still...) in the transfer market, we would all expect him to sort it out, but did he replace Almunia when we could all see what he was like or get in more good defenders for cover before 10/11 started? No.

    Odemwingie is a rumour I heard, then I youtubed his goal against us and was delighted to see Almunia at his finest.

    GK, 1/2 CB, DM, CM and a ST, all at a good/high standard is the bare minimum surely?
  20. Refused as fuck

    Refused as fuck "ethnic pakistani tosser"

    Odemwingie would be a good signing.
  21. iROBOT


    To me it's simple in terms of analysing the last season.

    60% of goals against us were from set plays. If we deal with this by getting a Samba (for instance) or actually training our defenders to defend, we'll stand a chance of winning the league next year.

    Also I want to see the likes of Lansbury/Frimpong/Afobe/Chucks/Bartley/Freeman/J.E.T/Henderson (to start with) a chance in the first team.
  22. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

  23. The latter. Minus the widely admired part.
  24. Klose is available if they want to end their ageist transfer/contract renewal policy.
  25. Streathamite

    Streathamite ideological dogmatist

    Breaking news; Sergio ramos and Gervinho look to be coming our way, and he's still chasing Cahill.
    Now we just need samir to sign the bloody deal, a Dm and a backup keeper
  26. nuffsaid

    nuffsaid But this goes up to 11

    First 3 games: away to Newc, home to Liv, away to Manure... ouch! The new batch of underdeveloped foreign lads (whoever comes in) are going to have a tough start.

    (Was hoping to go and see Arsenal v QPR as my dad is a QPR fan but that's new years eve and I'm in Bangkok then..... shame).
  27. Diamond

    Diamond The Red Baron

    Tough start to the season but crucially not a bad winter/xmas period.
  28. iROBOT


    QPR is team which we have the worst record against in the four divisions. We've only won around ten percent of match's against them, apparently.

    Tough start to the season but we've got to play them all sooner or later and I'd rather it be sooner...
  29. Gingerman

    Gingerman Is a great bunch of lads.....

    Don't forget Champs League qualifier as well
  30. TitanSound

    TitanSound Mr Beardy Drummer

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