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Are you looking forward to the Opening Ceremony


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George W could at least look like he's enjoying himself. Show some enthusiasm man :mad:
I still haven't seen the man. You must be getting a different feed to us.

Our commentators are saying that the chinese media is boycotting him and are wondering if they will show him on the big screen when the americans come in.


Kama roa, efshar livloa?
In one of the pre-Olympic athlete profiles, Tom Daley was talking about how much shit he'd been getting at school for diving, missing so much school, having different homework deadlines and generally not being like everyone else.

Bullies are shit.
I bet his school are proud as fuck now!


merde alors
Hang on, does no-one else think it's weird that the climax of the massive, incredible opening ceremony was an English ex-member of Hot Gossip singing on top of a huge globe in Mandarin? Eh?

Sarah friggin Brightman???? WHAT THE FUCK?

Couldn't they have found someone, um, you know - Chinese?