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    Loads of new sites being discovered or further revealed by the hot weather across Britain :cool:

    Hidden landscapes the heatwave is revealing

    As the summer sun continues to beat down on the British Isles, ghosts are appearing in the yellowing fields.

    Normally kept hidden by lush grasses and crops, old and prehistoric features are making themselves known through imprints on fields and lawns, some for the first time in known memory.

    It's hard to see these features from the ground - but with the rise of drones for aerial photography, they can be captured where they may have remained unidentified in previous heatwaves.

    The marks are revealed when grass or crops on top of wood or stone still in the ground flourish or deteriorate at different rates to surrounding material in the unusually hot weather.

    Ancient discovery
    In County Meath, Ireland, one aerial photographer made a discovery that turned out to be far more significant than he initially realised.

    Anthony Murphy, 44, captured pictures of a henge, using his drone in Newgrange. And when he noticed the "amazing detail", he "giggled with excitement, expecting someone to pinch and wake me up".

    The henge, in a field close to other late Neolithic monuments, is "entirely new" and includes "extraordinary and unexpected" features, according to Stephen Davis, assistant professor in archaeology at University College Dublin.
    Hidden landscapes the heatwave is revealing
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    Quite excited about all of those :cool:

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