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April 2013 Photo Competition: Ordinary People


That kid was great. I asked him and another boy if I could take their photos. One gave me this absolutely cracking grin, the other suddenly got shy and the intense look on his face was awesome.


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Time to start voting folks....

I just tried to make my mind up but it is hard with so many nice pics to chose between. You can only vote for 3 of them and there are a lot more than 3 that deserve a vote. Just have to make up your mind and pick three.


nanook rubs it....
1. firky - english summer

2. stowpirate - tube

3. kaka tim - mist snow at sunset

so many i love this month - this list would change every hour the more i look.


What would Badgers do?
Kaka Tim - Mist and snow at sunset
editor - Waiting for the last tube
stowpirate - Double exposure

Good choice this month, I had a different three picked out half an hour ago :D


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1 Evleen looks shocked ... - Kaka Tim
2 Waiting for the last tube home. - Editor
3 Cheeky clone. A self portrait.- ToothlessFerret


don't mourn, organise!
1) Evleen looks shocked - Kaka Tim
2) Greatstone - Maggot
3) Concern - clicker

Very hard to choose this month.


Licking windows on the 303 bus.
1. Spookyfrank - Shade
2. Mr. Bishie - Brightons best
3. Kaka tim - mist and snow at sunset