Apple is first $1 trillion public company

Discussion in 'computers, web and general tech' started by cybershot, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

  2. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    Oh puke....:p
  3. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman It's all good, man

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  4. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

  5. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank Ridin' a Stutz Bearcat, Jim

    Now down in third place for worldwide smartphone sales though. Still, third place is not bad for a company that apparently has no idea how to even make a functioning charger never mind a functioning phone.
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  6. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    such a big number i don't know what it actually means, but apparently not just me:
    'In British English, a trillion used to mean a million million million (i.e. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000). Nowadays, it's generally held to be equivalent to a million million (1,000,000,000,000), as it is in American English.'
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  7. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman It's all good, man

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  8. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    So rich and so little good done with all their cash.
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  9. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    A bit more perspective. If you'd invested 50 grand in Apple shares 10 years ago (Dec 2008) your shares would now be worth about a million quid.

    I believe there are a couple of current Urbs who did exactly that.

    Mazel tov!
  10. paolo

    paolo Well-Known Member

    Someone on here - I forget who - said Apple were a flop. They’d failed.
  11. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    I can remember a few years ago when they just made macs for graphics people and never looked likely to produce a mass market product, just goes to show what some genuinely popular products can do for a company. Apple are no longer niche!
  12. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman It's all good, man

    I also remember those times. It was a lot more than 'a few years ago' :D
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  13. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad Well-Known Member

    editor is still living them m8, epic:thums:
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