Anything good happening 10 November weekend

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Cloo, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Cloo

    Cloo Surfeit of lampreys

    So, I hit the big 3-0 on 12 November - looking for something good, with wide appeal, I can make my celebrations at, but just about everything that might fit the bill is a monthly, and they all seem to happen on every weekend of the month except the second one!

    The Urban calendar seems empty (damn, a Clerkenwell Offline would have been perfect)! If anyone can think of anything (ideally less than £6 or so on the door) ideas appreciated. :)
  2. Julie

    Julie Dance little lady...

    My birthday on the 11th.

  3. butterfly child

    butterfly child Well-Known Member

    Geri's birthday!
  4. Cloo

    Cloo Surfeit of lampreys

    It's a popular weekend for birthdays, that one. Think I may have found something for the Sunday.
  5. DeadManWalking

    DeadManWalking Well-Known Member

    Generator is on is Bristol
  6. Cloo

    Cloo Surfeit of lampreys

    Bumping my own thread then! It's my 41st soon and I'd swore off my choir's first concert of the year on 10th to go to a naughty fetish party organised by friends and now it's cancelled. Don't seem to be any other kinky goings on, but I do fancy going somewhere I can dress up and dance, or even just fucking dance but I'm old, I have no idea what's going on etc. Would quite like something burlesquey-cabaret-y but googling just brings up lots of sanitised expensive sit-down-meal bog standard stuff rather than a club with some of that on the side. Any suggestions? (In London!)
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  7. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    I went to drag cabaret at the Victoria in walthamstow for my 40th and it was awesome. Not exactly a dress up place ... definitely not sanitised tho. Quite insanitary in fact. It's evety Saturday afaik
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