Anyone know anything about Golfrate?

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by supercity, May 14, 2008.

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    It will be a loss to old school Brixton if the Grosvenor goes. I will miss it. One possible silver lining is that the news has leaked early in a process that will likely see the construction of another block of "luxury apartments". This gives those that are interested the opportunity to engage with the planning authorities, the new owners and the council to ensure that, at the very least, provision is made for affordable housing.
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    Oh no! Bugger.
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    Maybe the title of this thread could be changed to reflect the news. This is terrible news.
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    Please let him own an 'all your base' t-shirt.
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    they bought 8 pubs/bars from punch taverns and a few others in the area too on top.
    can now confirm they do appear to belong to the shower of shit fraternity.
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    Golfrate have apparently now also bought the Windmill.
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    This can't be true can it? Please nooooooo.
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    bloody hell

    Even though the ownership of these pubs (Windmill, Grosvenor) may have have changed, do the new owners still have to honour any existing lease?
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    Yes - but see above re: Two8Six and rent reviews. Don't know the full story, mind you.
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    Do we know what the other pubs are? I heard they had bought 8 pubs in Brixton.
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    I think if they want to drive the landlords out of business they have multiple ways of making their lives very difficult and their businesses unprofitable.

    Has anyone added this link to the thread yet? I don't think they have:
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    Yeah it's on the last page - thanks for the reminder though. I'd forgotten about that. The gentrification of Brixton funding Hezzbollah!
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    i no him hes nothing but a little ass hole i have one of his pubs hes big big trouble and thinks he can get away with things but not in my eyes i will fight him till the end
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    tell me about it hes trying it on me .but am not going any were am taking him to court his company is worth £610 MILLION POUND so they think they can bully everyone but not me i will fight for my rights
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    Would you be willing to share the name of your pub with us ?
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    i,ve read this link and many others on this firm they are very very dirty.....
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    I saw this post on a local Streetlife site...

    "All of the shops opposite Southfields tube including the French deli, the antique shop and the taxi rank have been given 6 months notice to quit (233-243 Wimbledon Park Road). The owner is the notorious Golfrate company (CEO Asif Aziz). Google it and you will see that it owns a vast amount of property across South London and also the Trocadero. They appear to be ruthless landlords.

    On this occasion they want to convert the ground floor and basement of the current shops into flats and keep a sliver of space at the front for retail so as to make it easier to comply with building regs. The application to do this is on planning (2016/2108). This is currently on hold because they have not paid a fee but it is only a matter of time before it is considered by the planning committee.

    As a measure of their behaviour - they converted the basement of two flats,accessed at the back, after planning permission was refused. They were found out as lots people were seen going in and out, and these are now boarded up (I checked). Are people interested in mounting a petition or some such so we can let Wandsworth know our opposition and/or writing you local Councillor? "
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    Looking at the first letter on the application file [which tells the applicant to do the job properly by filling in a CIL form and pay the required £80 fee] the tone of Wandsworth council is much more direct and concise than Lambeth's.

    You get the impression these days that Lambeth Planning would have apologised for bothering the applicant at all, never mind asking them to pay the legal fee.

    Meanwhile I thought that the current law was that offices can be converted into residential - not retail into residential.

    In Lambeth we do have a lot of residential units which had been shops, but these are always in marginal locations - two streets which spring to mind are Railton Road and Landor Road.
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    Saw a post in social media today which caused me to seek out this planning application........
    18/05230/FUL | Redevelopment of the site, involving demolition of the existing buildings and erection of 2 blocks ranging from 2 to 7 storeys to provide a mixed-use development containing a Nursery (Use Class D1), Shops (Use Class A1) and Cafe/Restaurants (Use Class A3) at ground floor and part first floor and 22 residential units (Use Class C3) at first to sixth floors, together with the provision of 1 disabled parking space, cycle and refuse storages plus amenity spaces at second floor. | 3 To 27 Wilcox Road London SW8 2XA proposes demolition of a big chunk of Wilcox Rd, which runs from South Lambeth Rd to Wandworth Rd in Stockwell/Vauxhall notable for the mighty Hot Stuff restaurant and the laundrette in which the movie "my beautiful laundrette" was filmed, to be replaced by two new housing content tbc

    I did a search on the applicant, Hamna Wakaf Ltd and it appears they are our old friends Golfrate with a different hat on, a Panama hat in fact
    THE HAMNA WAKAF FOUNDATION | ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database
    Furthermore the search also turned up a nugget of information on The Grosvenor regarding the legality of the ACV and fall out from the owners disputing that decision.....
    End in sight for CAMRA’s hybrid ACV nominations? - Freeths | Legal Specialists for Drinks, Hospitality and Leisure
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    I think you are right, they seem down on CAMRA and keen on protecting the owners of property that has been granted an ACV, they even say they are fighting a council to get compensation of £3.5 million on behalf of a pubowner for the inconvenience of an ACV, wouldn't be surprised if that's Lambeth and the pub in question is The Grosvenor. Also dunno how long the lease is on the new pub but I wouldn't bet on it being renewed as the ACV runs out in just over a year.
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    This site looks to me like it is Council owned. Looked at application but nothing I can see on ownership.
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