Any decent art exhibitions on at the moment?

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by Divisive Cotton, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Divisive Cotton

    Divisive Cotton Now I just have my toy soldiers

    ............. ?
  2. Paulie Tandoori

    Paulie Tandoori shut it you egg!

    whitechapel looks quite good but was shut when i went today, will get along in next day or 2 and will report back if you like? :)

    some postcard collage thang apparently.
  3. Bungle73

    Bungle73 I was there, now I'm here Banned

    Gabriel Orozco at Tate Modern. They said it was good on The Review Show, and I'm planning on going myself.

    Then there's the Watercolour exhibition starting om the 16th at Tate Britain, which sounds good.

    Edit: Also, have you seen this?
  4. paulhackett

    paulhackett voiced by strother martin

    The Stezaker exhib.? Good/interesting but slightly underwhelming..? The pieces are miniscule.


    The gallery is great though..
  5. clicker

    clicker nanook rubs it....

    The biggie at the Royal Academy recently opened...the history of Modern Sculpture has had mixed reviews, but I reckon is worth a gander for it's diversity, something is bound to please.

    But the one I'm most looking forward to is upstairs at Maison Bertaux, in Greek st ....Diva Zappa's new exhibition.. love that place and it's free, once you've bought your strawberry tart missus....just the idea of her taking a photograph, then printing it on canvas, then embroidering the canvas sold it to me.....I am so going to get into that myself....although it is a mixed exhbition of her work, not all sewing box wonders.
  6. braindancer

    braindancer not for long

  7. braindancer

    braindancer not for long

  8. kyser_soze

    kyser_soze Hawking's Angry Eyebrow

    Manga Dreams at Hamiltons Gallery

    Susan Hiller at Tate Britain.

    TBH I've found that just wandering around Fitzrovia (the area bordered by Piccadilly, Regent St, Oxford Street & Park Lane) and popping into the commercial galleries & art dealers is a worthwhile excercise.
  9. Bungle73

    Bungle73 I was there, now I'm here Banned

    There's also the Picasso to Julie Mehretu exhibition on at the British Museum. It's very, very small, but free to get in.
  10. Bungle73

    Bungle73 I was there, now I'm here Banned

    I went to the Gabriel Orozco exhibition at Tate today, it was good! Costs £10 though.....unless you're a member (like me :D).
  11. Paulie Tandoori

    Paulie Tandoori shut it you egg!

    i thought it was really good.
  12. ShiftyBagLady

    ShiftyBagLady Thinks she is a flower to be looked at

  13. Bungle73

    Bungle73 I was there, now I'm here Banned

    I thing I find annoying about the RA is that they don't allow backpacks, either in the cloakroom or in the galleries. This is very inconvenient for me as I always take one with me, when I go up to London, to carry my stuff in.
  14. braindancer

    braindancer not for long

    I went to see this last weekend... I thought it was excellent too. I also went to see the Cory Arcangel bowling video games thing at the Barbican but was massively underwhelmed.
  15. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    10 days left at South London Gallery - epic paintings from Michael Armitage. Doesnt come over on photos. Like everything at SLG only takes 10 minutes to look around but well worth it if you're passing.

    Im bumping this thread more hoping for the odd tip off in the future.
    Preferably free shows tbh. If it costs it better be amazing!

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