Anti Fracking Protector Camps

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Jeremiah18.17, Dec 22, 2016.

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    Latest video from 'Reclaim the Power' - good to see protectors of all ages demonstrating...

    And, another one showing different actions being carried out...

    A group of people locked-on in a car...

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    I'm up at my sister's who has lived for 35 years in Wrea Green just getting up to speed with how advanced this protest is. Off to say hello to the camp later and take some nosh.
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    Now the Dalai Lama ruling the world I could handle that.....the rest nah , no thanks.
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    9 arrests at the camp outside Marriotts in Clay Cross/Danesmoor, Derbyshire last night - for slow walking, which to this point has been allowed, on the grounds of "aggravated trespass", including a vulnerable young man who was later released. Obvious attempt to nobble camp which is getting growing support from the anti fracking groups and communities in the proposed SYorks/Derbyshire/Notts gasfield. Support and solidarity visits welcome.
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    People getting arrested & not knowing what they're being arrested for, as they haven't been told.
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    Bail conditions for those now released after the Marriotts arrests ban them from Derbyshire, "three hours to get out of the County" and such. They were held for over 20 hours in most cases. This is a clear attempt to denude the camp by the drilling company gates of activists, but the movement is determined that the Police will not succeed. The policing of the fracking protests is revealing more and more, to more and more people, how power is now exercised in Britain in an openly arbitrary and partisan manner. This is not news to longer term activists, but it is a shock to some of the young people, local community protectors and demonstrators - the raw and vicious nature of corporate power and state repression revealed.
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    Those bail conditions won't stand up in court.
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    Unlawful arrest = cash money :thumbs:
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    Oh, this looks promising...

    Alleged assault of anti-fracking protester outside shale gas site – police seek prosecution
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    They're really weird lock-ons. The cops could just make them stand up and move. I thought the point was you generally lock-on to a structure (barrel full of concrete/car/digger) that can't be moved...?

    And I know it's an old and grumpy thing to say, but fuck some of those people come across as really annoying.
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    Fracking hell, third day in a row the protectors have locked-on right under the noses of the police & security! :thumbs: :D

    Today's action...

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    I've only just noticed that the coppers that have to cut the protectors free now have their own jackets with 'Protester Removal' on their backs.
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    I'm pleased my tax dollar is being utilised by the state to protect the business interests and not the communities affected by this shit. :rolleyes:
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    Hearts in the right place though.
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    Glue. Annoying.
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    The filth aren't supposed to move you while you're in any sort of lock on because it can cause injuries. It has happened that police (or more often private heavies) have simply dragged a bunch of people out of the way while they're still locked together but it's not supposed to happen.7

    The advantage of a barrel full of concrete is more that it takes ages for them to cut you out of it, but it does also negate the risk of being dragged out of the way.
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    The compiler gave permission to share this:


    28 protectors camps in the UK to-date! Big up the Protectors!

    South East England

    1 Balcombe Community Protection Camp (West Sussex)
    Camp was set up in July 2013 to protest Cuadrilla’s plans to exploratory drill for oil and was there for nearly 3 months. There is now an injunction near the site to stop the return of a camp. Cuadrilla’s permission ran out in May 2017 and they now need to reapply for their permits.

    2 Broadford Bridge Protection camp (West Sussex) - LIVE
    Camp created end of May 2017 to slow UKOG down on its supposedly ‘conventional’ oil extraction but are really acidising. Pressure from UKOG and their security to the locals meant that the camp had to move three times until they settled into their fourth site! Usual dirty tactics by the industry!

    3 Brockham Protection Camp (Surrey)
    A small camp set up in December 2016 for a short time to slow walk and monitor site. All-night monitoring from a single protector of this site revealed that Angus Energy was drilling without permission. Angus are still in dispute with Surrey County Council.

    4 Horse Hill Protection Camp (Surrey)
    The drill site named as the ‘Gatwick Gusher’, a small camp was set up to slow walk lorries from UKOG contractors in October 2014. On return to the site for further testing in February 2016 a larger camp was set up for 6 weeks. UKOG are waiting their permission for further wells and flow-testing in Aug 2017.

    5 Leith Hill Protection Camp (Surrey) - LIVE
    Camp occupied land in October 2016 to oppose Europa Oil. A large fortress built from pallets was built, tree houses and a tunnel system was put in place. The camp was served eviction in February 2017. Forestry Commission evicted the camp on behalf of Europa Oil 21st June 2017. It took 3 days due the complex tunnel system. Faulding, the guy who dug out ‘Swampy’ in the A30 Honiton Bypass demo in 1996, said he had not seen tunnels systems like this in years. The camp has moved across the road opposite the drill site on Coldharbour Lane.

    6 Wisborough Green Protection Camp (West Sussex)
    Small camp for a few weeks in October 2013. Community ended up successfully fighting off Celtique.

    South West England

    7 Swanage Protection Camp (Dorset)
    Camp was set up in September 2016 to occupy the land until the deadline for work by InfraStrata which expired in December 2016.


    8 Burton on the Wolds Protection Camp (Leicestershire)
    Set up in October 2014 to oppose Edgon Resources drilling to see if oil could be extracted. There wasn’t any and camp disbanded in November.

    9 Daneshill Community Protection Camp (Nottinghamshire)
    Camp was set up in March 2014 for 6 weeks to oppose IGas test drilling for coal bed methane. The site is currently suspended and unknown if and when they will return.

    10 Dudleston Community Protection Camp (Shropshire)
    Camp was set up in August 2014. In July 2015, the access license with the landowner lapsed and he refused to renew it. Igas dropped the licence due to wrong geology.

    11 Laughton Community Protection Camp (Lincolnshire)
    Camp was set up January 2016 for 4 weeks to object and monitor Egdon who were exploratory drilling for oil. Egdon did not strike and well was plugged.

    12 Marriotts of Fire Protection Camp (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) – LIVE
    This camp was set up end of June 2017 to monitor the activities of PR Marriotts who are thought to be supplying the fracking rig to drill at Preston New Road, Lancs.

    North West

    13 Barton Moss Community Protection Camp (Salford)
    Camp set up Nov 2013. They had some of the worse winter conditions to endure. IGas completed their work in Mar 2014 and the camp left in April garnering great community solidarity. IGas claim they have no plans to return to the site and the frontline protectors in the movement, also affectionately known as the 'investor removal team', have made them practically bankrupt.

    14 Blackpool & Fylde Community Protection Camps (Lancashire) - LIVE
    The first camp was set up in January 2017 shortly after Cuadrilla moved onto their site at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton without their promised community engagement. Cuadrilla plan the first full scale frack in the UK.

    The second camp New Hope Protection Camp was set up in March 2017 nearer the site.

    The third camp PNR (Gates) Community Protection Camp was set up mid-June 2017 on the grass verges outside the gates of Cuadrilla drill-site to monitor more closely. Two towers were built either side once the pad had been built and they were expecting the drill rig. One was demolished by Pete Marquis on orders of the police on 4th July. The rest of the camp was smashed mid-July and moved across the road.

    15 Bridge Trafford Community Protection Camp (Cheshire)
    A small camp set up March 2016 to raise awareness opposite a 15 acre field purchased by IGas. Eviction papers were served July 2016 by landowners but backed by Igas. Camp was evicted in September 2016. PEDL190 is shared by Igas and Ineos with no details of plans.

    16 Davyhulme Community Protection Camp (Manchester)
    Set up in Jun 2014 again against Igas drilling for coal bed methane. The camp was evicted in Sept 2014. IGas plan to drill in future for CBM.

    17 Ellesmere Port Community Protection Camp (Cheshire) Was set up in Sept 2014 against Igas’s exploratory drilling for gas. The camp was shortly burnt down by unknowns after it was served an eviction. No one was injured.

    18 Frack Free Farndon Protest Camp (Cheshire)
    Set up in February 2014 for a month to protest Dart Energy to look for coal bed methane. There is no information on IGas site who acquired Dart in 2014.

    19 Lancashire Community protection Camp (Blackpool) A camp set up by the Nanas at Preston New Road for a short time in Blackpool. Reclaim the Power held their August 2014 Direct Action Camp in the same field.

    20 Lower Kinnerton Camp (Cheshire) A small camp set up Feb 2016 for a few weeks with protectors from the Upton Camp. IGas confirmed it has no plans to drill there and the camp disbanded.

    21 Upton Community Protection Camp (Cheshire) UCPC was set up in April 2014 by undisclosed individuals who recognised the opportunity of occupying the drill site prior to works commencing, and it was finally evicted and demolished on January 12th 2016.

    175 police officers from four forces were involved in the eviction of the camp but on 5th February 2016, IGas, announced it had abandoned plans to drill at the site because the coal bed methane was not commercially viable. They refused to assist with policing costs.

    It was the first fracking site in the UK where the tactic of occupying the land before drilling was employed and has since been replicated elsewhere. It was also the longest running anti fracking camp in the UK prior to its demise and won the award at the Climate Games in Paris in Dec 2014.

    22 Woolston and Thelwall Community Protection Camp (Cheshire) - LIVE
    Set up in April 2015 protesting Edgon Resources drilling for oil. They remain on site despite being issued with an eviction order in May 2015. Still going strong and the longest running camp at present. Igas had not released any plans for the site.


    23 Crawberry Hill Community Protection Camp - (East Yorkshire) Camp set up in May 2014 to oppose Rathlin Energy drilling. The camp was evicted in Jan 2015. Rathlin pulled out in August 2015, saying it had decided to concentrate its test drilling work for oil and gas at a second site at West Newton in Holderness

    24 Kiln Lane Community Protection Camp (Lincolnshire) Set up in March 2015 for a month, to resist Europa Oil & Gas and Egdon who said well was not successful.

    25 Kirby Misperton (Ryedale, Yorkshire) - LIVE
    Camp set up in December 2016 after the judicial review failed to stop Third Energy from fracking there. They expect to frack in Summer/Autumn 2017.

    26 West Newton Community Protection Camp (East Yorkshire)
    Camp set up in April 2015 to oppose Rathlin Energy plan to frack shale gas. Due to incident in August 2015 that resulted in an emergency well shutdown, 2 of the 3 tests that were planned (including the mini-frack) were abandoned. The camp disbanded in October 2015. Rathlin will return once all permits have been acquired.


    27 Borras and Holt community protection Camp (Wrexham, Wales)
    Set up in October 2014 against Dart Energy (acquired by IGas) drilling for shale gas. The camp was evicted November 2014, but a site directly opposite had already been occupied and a new camp was set up immediately. In June 2016 the PEDL licence for Wrexham, as well as several others, was dropped by the Oil and Gas Authority.

    Northern Ireland

    28 Belcoo Community Protection Camp (Fermanagh Despite
    Tamboran Resources getting a court injunction on their drill site, a camp was set outside in July 2014. No drilling rig arrived. Instead, it was discovered by campaigners that the quarry did not have planning permission for activities that had already taken place – excavation, blasting, removal of rock. Tamboran’s exploration licence was not extended in Sep 2014 went to the High Court in November 2014 seeking damages from the Northern Ireland Government. They left the site in January 2017

    Compiled by Lorraine Inglis, Weald Action Group
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    For the record, this can't be an "anti-fracking" camp as the permission is for conventional drilling, not fracking.

    Also, the damage done by the protectors is in many ways worse than anything Europa ever had planned. There was a thriving badger community on site -- now long gone. The beautiful landscape is now littered with needles and human excrement. Trees have been damaged. The response to the arrival of the protectors has seen fencing go up to what was previously open access land. It's basically now a wreck. I've spent 8 years trying to fight Europa, at times it has been like a second job. Now sometimes I wonder what the point is, since the land is already trashed.
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    That is not good. :(
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    There's always a mix of news from the Preston New Road site, yesterday bad news about the drill arriving on site, now three more positive reports:

    Updated: Council says Cuadrilla breached planning condition by delivering rig to Lancs shale site overnight

    Crane operator pulling out of work at Cuadrilla’s fracking site

    Lorry protest outside Lancs fracking site nears 60 hours

    The protest is a major item on BBC Breakfast news this morning - about 7-8 minutes just before 6.30am, much of it live from the site. Further live coverage during the morning is promised.
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    Another contractor has pulled out of working for Cuadrilla.

    Haulier pulls out of Cuadrilla delivery after 72+ hour truck protest
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    :hmm: This is a bit worrying, could this be a game-changer?

    I suspect Cuadrilla will end-up applying for such an injunction now.

    INEOS takes out “national” High Court injunction against anti-fracking protesters

    It's one thing to get arrested and perhaps picking-up a small fine, but the risk of prison and/or having assets taken to cover a large claim for damages, is a different ball game for most people. :mad:
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    It is worse than that - this is a "persons unknown" injunction - they can name anyone, who does not even need to be directly involved in any action, but just a relatively prominent anti fracker, and say they are supporting and assisting by say, sharing tweets or FB posts calling for support for a site or action. They can then seek to have assets seized, fines imposed or jail terms. This is corporations making their own law. Corporate fascism is here.

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