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Another spoiled little man goes a US gun rampage (six people murdered in Santa Barbara)


Paid Male escort complete with Handcuffs
In my bad days I think I'm a complete waste of space but was never that deluded to actually plan to kill a bunch of randoms because I couldnt get fucking laid:mad:
Thats taking narcissimn to a whole new level even the mra types are more togther than that complete waste of space.
i hope their is an afterlife and the sad git can spend hundreds of years failing at getting laid tosser:facepalm:

Vintage Paw

dead stare and computer glare
Just a weird freak loner?

Somehow society has let him get to 22 years old with a belief that women are obligated to moisten his end, that it's his right no less.
He's not alone in that belief. Thankfully, so far, he is relatively alone in how he chose to act on his frustration. There are plenty of other ways men work out that frustration that are also harmful, though perhaps not to such a mortally final end.


Council Estate Socialist

That watches like some low cost audition video/show reel! :hmm: :eek: Just look at the staging (light) and his rehearsed, measured tone. :facepalm:

Perhaps if Elliot had not been so bloody self obsessed he would have realised that after hitting puberty most other people also have a hard time getting with the one they really want, being part of the 'cool' crowd etc. :(


Not a house elf a tiger
:facepalm: What an idiot. What a stupid evil idiot! Killing people and yourself because you couldn't get laid.
Probably managed to hold it together ,so, no one realised he had gone off the deep end till it was too late:(
Easier for him to get a gun than to talk about his problems:(.