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Another bloody team thread - Everton 2016/17

Discussion in 'football' started by big eejit, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    Can youse lot do one on Chelsea tomorrow please? Ta.

    If you could also stamp on the ankles of Messrs Hazard, Costa & Fabregas then that would also be much appreciated. :thumbs:
  2. agricola

    agricola a genuine importer of owls

    Gutted to hear about Arron Lennon, best of luck to him.
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  3. ffsear

    ffsear Well-Known Member


    From the mail. Don't see what the fuck his salary has to do with anything. Idiots.
  4. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    Yeah, me too. I mean no disrespect to any Toffees by this, but he'll always be a Yiddo. Get well soon Aaron.

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