Annie Machon/David Shayler at Anarchist Bookfair

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by FifthFromFront, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. FifthFromFront

    FifthFromFront New Member

    What a wanker. A bloke who admits to one time being desk officer for spying on Anarchist groups along with Annie Machon (spelling) who was desk officer for infiltrating/spying on SWP. (See people its MI5's fault that SWP are so crap not JUST because tehy are trots)

    Anyway these slimy bastard turns up to try to sell his new book. Since when the fuck did this toad become an anarchist? The fucker spied on us (claims he tried to stop it and succeeded within 6 months- yeah right! If you believe that I have some magic beans for you)

    Then the cheeky bastard had the nerve to ask for donations for the cos of the room!

  2. lastmanineurope

    lastmanineurope Banned-a-loon Banned

    Shayler got out because he saw what was happening, and how the intelligence services aided terrorists rather than stopping them. I don't understand the problem with him is. He is one of few insiders who are talking about what's happeing even if some of what he knows may be second hand or from overheard conversations. A lot of what he is saying has been corroborated by other sources, like links to AQ and NI terrorism.
  3. lastmanineurope

    lastmanineurope Banned-a-loon Banned

    Double post
  4. FifthFromFront

    FifthFromFront New Member

    He claims when he joined he didn't know they were spying on left groups. But his first posting was against anarchist groups, Annies claims the same and she was desk officer against SWP (not only intel gathering but putting in agent into the SWP- she claims shen didn't she was only desk officer not agent runner)

    Where was his conscience then? He got out cos eh found a story he could sell to the papers. Since then he's been writing and sayign all sorts not because he has any insight but just to be sensationalist to sell his crappy books.

    If he really has turned why doesn't he tell us more about what MI5 doesagainst the left? He makes claims about Class War but will never say who - he claims he doesn't know but he surely know enough to make an informed guess (he was teh desk officer so intelligence passed through him).

    Annie does the same with SWP but won't say fuck all - however she is happy top confirm that Lyndsey Germain (spelling?) was "not one of them" so if she knows that what else does she know?

    By the way you may have noticed but he tries not to talk about MI5 - constantkly talks about MI6 - you'd have thought he'd have known more about MI5 given that he worked there!

    Thats (one of) the problems with him and her. Don't know why Shayler gets all the publicity Annie Machon is as bad if not worse.

  5. Paul Marsh

    Paul Marsh NeitherWashingtonNorMecca

    Oh please.

    Have you read nothing of the criticism of him on this site, or in Notes from the Borderland or Class War?
  6. Larry O'Hara

    Larry O'Hara Well-Known Member

    Rather Disturbing...

    that this crew turned up to an anarchist gathering, complete with vociferous supporting clique, and goons who attempted to physically intimidate my colleague David Pegg for daring to question them.

    Interesting, the content of their intervention, mind

    1) All things blamed on MI6 (not MI5)

    2) Annie 'Jackanory' Machon claimed that they do not know the names of any assets inside the SWP, yet Shayler himself (on 21/6 debate with me, of which DVD is available) stated if names were put to him in private he would nod or not. Basic contradiction here.

    3) Yet another version of Shayler's links to Diana case: he now states Al Fayed consulted him re Oswald Le Winter--again directly contradicting his claims on 21/6.

    4) Shayler seeks to entirely dismiss Al Qaeda as CIA construct--reality far more complex than that. In which case, he (& Machon) were working with CIA/FBI on disinformation campaign re Lockerbie bombing (blaming Libya) while Al Qaeda were under CIAs wing. Again, Shayler maintained the Libyans did Lockerbie, citing the British court system as proof of that. BS

    5) Unlike on 21/6, he was able to barely pretend to answer my questions, which included taking him to task for his own words in Alex Jones interview 20/6 that Class War was kept going "Actually", "essentially" by a Met police SB officer--again directly contradicting his admission on 21/6 that the guy may not have even been in CW!

    Are any of you getting a pattern here--he & Machon lie as they breathe.

    Interestingly, some of the supporting cast for Shayler are what the Editor here might call 9/11 conspiraloons, particularly amusing was a parrot in human form, Ms Sowhat, perched in one corner of the room.

    Given Machon/Shayler have incessantly rained insults on anarchists, "tiny ludicrous groups" "danger to public health" etc, and not come clean about assets inside CW despite claims they have, it was disappointing that this pair and their clique were able to mount a meeting at the Book Fair, albeit late & under a false flag. But, fair play to opponents for mounting an audacious strike on enemy territory--and, rest assured, the compliment will soon be repaid in full, with interest. La Lotta Continua!
  7. rednblack

    rednblack Banned Banned

    shayler should have been booted out on no uncertain terms what a scumbag :mad: it was bad enough having those 911 nuts there
  8. Larry O'Hara

    Larry O'Hara Well-Known Member

    In addition...

    It has been pointed out to me that I forgot to mention a very significant thing: whereas on 21/6 Shayler stated in conclusion that I was "a very suspicious person, with a lot to be suspicious about" & the debate ended on fairly amicable personal terms, the first thing he said when I began to ask a question on this occasion was that "these two people [referring to my co-editor David Pegg, who has never written a word on Shayler have been persecuting me with fasscist-style tactics similar to that used by the Far Right against black people" As usual with Shayler, it matters little which of these contradictory statements is his 'true' belief--yet again, inconsistent lying bastard. Especially galling since at the time he/Machon were in MI5 the spooks certainly had input into Combat 18 & its targeting, via assets. And the only 'fascist-style tactics' on show at the BookFair were attempts by his goons to physically intimidate my co-editor, and by his clique to facilitate him/Machon avoiding answering our questions properly. But we are not going to be intimidated, or back down. Far from it.
  9. 888


    Interesting. Did he arrange to do a talk at the bookfair beforehand, or did he just turn up on the day?
  10. Larry O'Hara

    Larry O'Hara Well-Known Member

    Not 100% confirmed yet, but he & his clique turned up v. late (5pm) unannounced, & then held a meeting in a room booked not in their name, but that of the British 9/11 Truth Campaign instead. If this latter fact can be confirmed, it shows not only how gullible these people are, but also raises questions about the integrity/security of their campaign & the likely fate (in terms of personal details being harvested) of anybody contacting them.
  11. Paul Marsh

    Paul Marsh NeitherWashingtonNorMecca

    This reads like an attempt to return to the old Searchlight nonsense of Larry o'Hara = fascist, smears that Shayler will certainly have been aware of.

    Interestingly at the Conway Hall debate, if I recall correctly, Shayler ducked a question on the links between Searchlight and MI5.
  12. lastmanineurope

    lastmanineurope Banned-a-loon Banned

    I am in no position to take sides but Shayler appears to me to be on 'our' side, but whether the organisations he attacked are I don't know. When Shayler was involved in spying on organisations he obviously believed he was doing the right thing. He has now stopped and explained why. I think people should be allowed to make mistakes. I don't really know what went on at these events but unless the authorities have subverted the 9/11 and 7/7 truth movement I bleieve exposing the lies is more important than fighting eachother and petty left wing politics.

    It would hardly suprising if MI5 ran a number of 'left wing' organisations to control resistance, so the real communists in power can get on with their job, whilst organisations like AFA and ANL concentrate on fighting the BNP and other insignificant organisations. Meanwhile class war is doing the establishment's job for them by resenting the rich who the government also resent. Infiltration would certainly explain why left wing organisations are so redundant. It seems to me like many of them have been diverted from their real purpose.
  13. rednblack

    rednblack Banned Banned

    ok then, so you're a conspiracy loon, a troll, or a rightwing (right wingnut) nut which is it? :rolleyes:
  14. lastmanineurope

    lastmanineurope Banned-a-loon Banned

    I am? Explain yourself.
  15. DaveCinzano


    fuck off you nutjob please very much :)
  16. lastmanineurope

    lastmanineurope Banned-a-loon Banned

    Is that how the so-called left works then? Anyone who disagrees or asks questions is a nutjob?
  17. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Have you posted here under a different name YES/NO?
  18. DaveCinzano


    i am saying that not at all kind sir, it is just that clearly you are a whacko thank you very much :)
  19. gurrier

    gurrier Registered Abuser

    These conspiranoids are hilarious. I bet they'd give all their names and addresses to Shayler within about 5 seconds. It appears that their paranoia only manifests itself about blatantly fucking stupid things while they will happily and guillibly cuddle up to very obviously compromised people.

    I mean, which is a more realistic possibility? Shayler, being a dodgy fuck with existant links to the state security services, or the laws of the universe being a big conspiracy of lizards or something (which is what the 911 conspiranoid shite reduces to) ?
  20. FifthFromFront

    FifthFromFront New Member

    Whenever anyone put Shayler on the spot one of Shayler's lackeys would immediately ask "who are you"
  21. Bernie Gunther

    Bernie Gunther Fundamentalist Druid

    One thing about Shayler that intrigues me, if as seems not unreasonable, he maintains links to the security service, does he promote all that conspiracy stuff for the purposes of making money or because they want him to do so?

    I mean there seems to me to be a pretty clear motivation for people who organise actual conspiracies to be strongly in favour of seeing as many implausible bullshit conspiracies as possible, promoted to the general public.
  22. gurrier

    gurrier Registered Abuser

    Bizzare post from indymedia Ireland

    The local 911-anoids are claiming that their conference was pulled "over security concerns that an Intelligence Agency of a Foreign Government (MI5) might attempt to assasinate one of the guests (David Shayler) while on campus."

    What the fuck?
  23. Paul Marsh

    Paul Marsh NeitherWashingtonNorMecca

    Do you actually believe Tony Blair resents the rich? This is after all a public school educated barrister who has been Prime Minister of one of the world's major industrial powers for 8 years.

    Do you actually think his government dislikes Richard Branson, Lord Sainsbury or Rupert Murdoch?

    Who do you think pays for all those piss ups and receptions at the Labour party conference and (increasingly) funds the Labour party itself?
  24. Jo/Joe

    Jo/Joe New Member

    Blair prostrates himself in the company of the rich. I can't believe anyone would think otherwise.
  25. lastmanineurope

    lastmanineurope Banned-a-loon Banned

    Blair represents the bankers and industrialists. By rich I refer to the bourgeoisie, tory voting middle class, the small businesses and the landed gentry who the government are eliminating because they are the main opposition to the NewLabour coup. Its no different to what communists have done in places like Russia, China or Cambodia. The fox hunting ban seemed to be a way of getting at those who do not want or need the government, whereas the traditional 'working class' tend to vote Labour because they were the party standing up for them. Those dependent on a system are not going to vote it out.

    Blair works for his paymasters to destroy all ownership and wealth other than that owned by the chosen corporations, the banks and the state to bring everyone under their control.
  26. rednblack

    rednblack Banned Banned

    if the government were eliminating the scum you describe (like a certain chubby, greasy haired, paranoid oxbridge graduate with a fondness for tight stripey shorts) i would have to start supporting them, fortunately you are delusional in the extreme
  27. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Yes, yes, whatever.

    But have you posted here under a different name YES/NO?
  28. rednblack

    rednblack Banned Banned

    these corporations blair works for, are they run by jews YES/NO?
  29. lostexpectation

    lostexpectation New Member

    a DOH moment

    here's classic one for you

    somebody tries to set up a Irish 911 truth group, hes books a room in Cork Uni for a talk

    he invites Shayler then goes to the admin and says they need security because he may be assasinated by the british state.

    result the college denies them the room for security reasons...

    the conspiracy evolves... dum dum dum!!

    badman sums it up very well at the bottom
  30. Paul Marsh

    Paul Marsh NeitherWashingtonNorMecca

    This is great, can we look forward to a British version of "The Killing Fields" in a few years time?

    I can't say I have heard of anyone being shot in Tunbridge Wells for wearing glasses, but I clearly lack your political insight.

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