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Angel pub on Coldharbour Lane becomes arty community space run by Brick Box


Diving wanker
Inaugural events are usually there to set the tone of the place. Do you think it's appropriate for the area?
With how the Market has gone? It's inevitable.. appropriate? Dunno, prolly not, I haven't seen what their plans are to make it an 'involving community space' yet.


"Red Guard"(NLYL)
I thought we were getting a community art space, not a venue for private yuppie supper nights.
What you are getting is Lexadon preparing the way for their development and protecting the property until they are ready to do the work. You and I get a piss-elegant licensed squat to look at, at least temporarily. And the lads and lasses of "My Fathers Place" "William Hills" etc get acclimatised to the encroaching yuppies. Maybe Lexadon think a "Supper Club" is like Brixton Tube station playing classical music - makes undesirables feel really uncomfortable apparently.
Meanwhile Lexadon/Lambeth are busy evicting the Somali/Eritrean/South Sudanese/Ugandan refugee organisations from 365 Brixton Road, and also plan to demolish the former Lambeth Register Office wedding suite so they can have a vile mini "Viaduct" development near the corner of Gresham Road/Brixton Road.
For what appears to be a totally private (i.e. unquoted) company - c.f. Barratts- you have to admit Lexadon have amazing chutzpah.


je suis teuchter
I just think putting on a dressy-uppy, hoity-toity £40 bash in a now-closed traditional black Brixton pub in an area surrounded by social housing isn't the greatest idea.
No doubt you also disapprove of the Dogstar and the Windmill? And the Grosvenor?


well.. ive got a job. and just enough cash to cover that. but i still wouldnt want to go to that wankfest. i can only imagine the level of cuntery goin on in the 'Opium Den' :D

Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...
To be honest I'd have a lot more respect for this sort of thing if it provided work for local people. It never does.


If I was opening a community arts venture in a neighbourhood, I'd maybe start by inviting the local community in for an open day and tell them all about what we're up to, rather than launching with an exclusive supper club bash.

Seems more appropriate to me.

But each to their own.


je suis teuchter
How does that work then? Go on, try and construct a point that makes some sort of real-world sense. I'm sure you can manage if if you actually think things through here.
You actively promote Brixton nightlife with the Brixtonbuzz website amongst other stuff. And do a good job of it. You also run regular nights and do a good job of that too. And yet you are objecting to a new nightlife venue in Brixton. Why?
- Because they are using a building that was once a pub? It's in no way unique in that regard.
- Because they are charging for entry? Again in no way unique in that regard. £5 is not expensive for a night of entertainment.
- Because they are offering food? Plenty of other places in Brixton offering food and plenty where you could spend £35 for less than a four course meal.
- Because it will attract "yuppies"? A large chunk of Brixton's nightlife scene is entirely dependant on relatively affluent young folk. There's absolutely nothing new there. There are already plenty of clubs that regularly charge £15/£20 plus to get in and then £4 for a bottle of beer at the bar.
- Because you can see it from your window? This seems the most plausible reason to me.