And next, Syria?

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by Idris2002, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Bold is unintended
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    Not much you can say about this really.


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    Just in case people don't really follow Fisk or choose not to read/listen to his poison, his claim is that chemical attack was simply dust thrown up from a standard attack and that the foaming at the mouth we saw was from breathing in dust for years. That, the children we saw slowly dying weren't in fact drowning as their body responded to chlorine in their lungs turning into hydrochlroic acid by trying to drown it but just had a bit of stuff caught in their throats.
  5. kebabking

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    the version i heard on radio 4 was more specific that that - the suggestion was that the cause was oxygen depravation caused by a life lived in underground shelters with a duststorm blocking up air vents.

    sounds like bollocks to me: the symptoms all looked like they were the result of a dispersed Chroline attack, and just as critically, the victims responded to the treatment for a dispersed Chlorine attack in the way you'd expect people who'd been subject to a dispersed Chlorine attack would respond.

    its also - and the loons (and idiots like Fisk..) might want to take note - not far from Douma to the borders of Israel and Lebanon, where all manner of interested parties gather to hear news from within Syria. samples will have been in Israel within 6 hours, and Fort Detrick and Porton Down in 24 - we don't get our news from Twitter...
  6. manji

    manji Well-Known Member

    I know I’m setting myself up here, but this is a serious question. I was always under the impression Fisk was a credible journalist. Why the hostility ?
  7. teqniq

    teqniq DisMembered

    Where to start on that one....?
  8. kebabking

    kebabking Unfettered ambition

    he was. he's either been 'turned' by the blandishments and selected access of the regime (kept in a pleasant, but dark box and only ever shown pictures of hammers, and eventually comes to believe that the only thing in the world is hammers), or he has made a decision that the Syrian civil war is appalling and that the longer it goes on the more the Syrian civpop will suffer and the worse it will get: that the only side capable of winning it is Assads faction, and that therefore anything that puts off that day is bad.

    or he was never a credible journalist.

    take your pick.
  9. cupid_stunt

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    I think he was credible, he's won enough awards, fuck knows why he's gone off the rails.
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  10. butchersapron

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  11. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Not what they want but what is good for them

    he has lived ( or did) in the Lebanon for years. I think he seems to have been seduced by the Pro Syrian factions. Its a shame as I used to quite enjoy his man on the ground stuff years ago, now I read his stuff with gnawing unease. Also Craig Murray seems to have a crush on him.
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  12. copliker

    copliker ...

    "How come I, a trusted regime stooge, can wander about a state with a gigantic surveillance apparatus, chatting to people who tell me (and my two definitely not mukhabarat friends) what I want to hear?"

    He's 71 and looks unwell so I think he'll be dead long before any war crimes trials happen, if they ever do. Are there even any grounds for charging shit shovellers like this?

  13. teqniq

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    I saw a tweet yesterday saying Fisk is a benificiary of someone connected to the Assad family. On phone arm but I'll see maybe if I can find it when I get home.
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  14. DownwardDog

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    Peak Fisk was when he got a shoeing from some Afghan refugees and then wrote a bit for the Independent saying how much he deserved it. It's all been downhill since then.
  15. kebabking

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    It's seems at the less likely end of the spectrum for his motivation - he's an established journalist who writes for several papers and journals, he's got at least a dozen books to his name - he's unlikely to need the money, and he'll be well aware that if it were to come out that he's effectively reporting for money then his career, and income stream, are over.

    It's an all to common mistake to assume that the only reason someone might do something you don't like is money.

    He probably does - if he lives in Lebanon - have contacts within the Assad Kleptocracy, but a) so will everyone else in Lebanon, and b) that is probably as a result of his reporting rather than the cause of his reporting.
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  16. mather

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    What nonsense, will they also be hauling all those who backed the 'rebels' as well or will these war crime trials be just like the rest, a political show trial for people the West doesn't like?
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  17. krink

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    I hope it's OK to vent on this thread cos I need to say I am disgusted by Corbyn fanatics blatantly poised to cheer and punch the air with joy if there is no evidence of a chemical attack so they can lay into May. just a normal, murderous attack is good news to them. Absolutely vile. They are the same as those right wingers who cross their fingers hoping the latest terror alert is a Muslim one. I fucking despise these people.
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    Trying to follow what's happening in syria is doing my head in. The combination of a complicated civil war plus the internet as we now have it is frankly a nightmare.
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    Yes something has gone quite,quite wrong with dear old Robert .

    Fisking Douma
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  20. butchersapron

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    $20 000 seems to the price of denialism - not the payment/meeting was the very next day after the the Kahn Shaykhun sarin attack and the denialism started intermediately from payment. Note also the funding group (or more accurately i suppose the group funnelling assad money) was set by 911 denialists.

    Amended ethics filing shows Dennis Kucinich was paid $20k by pro-Syrian government group

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    what a massive bell
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    His head looks to be a different shape. Thought he might have lost weight but not sure

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    Spoiler tags for big evil priest visage pls?
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  30. butchersapron

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    I think we decided in the end that we could not be 100% sure.

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