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Amazon Prime streaming video recommendations thread


Luke 5:16
I signed up for Prime before Christmas, as I do all my Christmas shopping on there and it was less than the P&P would have been - and I also use it throughout the year for all sorts as well, rather than battle the high street. The bonus is 12 months access to their video streaming service, and there are some right crackers on there.

My particular recommendations are:

Into the Badlands
Samurai, motorbikes, cowboys, what's not to like?

Hell on Wheels
Post civil war mobile railroad-building town. North vs South vs Irish vs Germans vs Blacks vs 'Indians'. And then there's bribery, Washington corruption, fraud, and best of all - "The Swede". Five series and still going strong, high production values, great lead performances, and some good ol' fashioned gunslinging. I'm on S2 so far.

Mr Robot
An Amazon original. Takes a while to draw you in, but decent once it gets going. Some of the characters are a bit meh, but the lead and Christian Slater are great. Christian Slater just does his Christian Slater thing sure, but I never grow tired of that.

Black Sails
PIRATES!!! :cool:

Prison Break
Missed this the first time around, and now just finishing S2 of 4 on Amazon. Didn't expect to like it as much as I am.

Any others folks think stand out from the crowd?


Luke 5:16
The Man In The High Castle - watching this now, another amazon original. Enjoying it so far.
I watched that, but... chose not to include it here. Let me know what you think when you've reached the end. Opinion appears to be quite divided.
I rattled through all of Alpha House - quite enjoyable, non-demanding comedy drama about four Congressmen sharing a house in DC. With John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy and Mark Consuelos.

Alpha House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Forgot about that one. Yeah, I enjoyed it as well.


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And Red Oaks, weirdly.

Know what you mean about MIHC, loved most of it, even the credits, but that ending...


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I made a start on Man In The High Castle but got distracted.

If you are tempted to watch Outlander, avoid at all costs. It's so bad it's almost (almost, but not quite) funny.


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If you're into American cop stuff (like my better half), try Bosch. Or Chicago PD.

GOD, almost forgot, Hap and Leonard, based on the Joe R Lansdale books, really enjoyed this, Omar from the Wire plays Leonard. Watch it now.

Nine Bob Note

Wry Observor of Humanoid Folly
I just checked my watchlist to see what obscure shit that only interests me and about twelve other people I could recommend, and there are three titles on there that are still included with prime, ffs.

No more Bert & the Racoons, no Married with Children and deffo no Balls of Steel :(