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Alfie Meadows charged with violent disorder on the 9th of December

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service's Operation Malone team have this afternoon charged 11 people in connection with the disorder seen in central London on 9 December last year.

They have been charged with a range of offences, including violent disorder and criminal damage.
From Press Bureau at New Scotland Yard - last updated Wed 27/4/11 8:25

Guardian is also covering but that's it

Timing is interesting - Its like they want people to protest during the wedding as an excuse to crack more skulls


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every single on of the charged there is young and from the UK, despite all the 'older / outside / professional / foreign' agitator shit that was thrown about, especially on other forums.

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The details will come out in the wash but what they define as violent disorder can be ridiculously insignificant


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Does "violent disorder" also include being smashed on the head with a truncheon these days? Shades of John Lydon being charged for assaulting two Gardai officers' fists with his face.


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I can only hope Meadows sues the bastards for millions, or even better pursues a private criminal prosecution


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yeah, posted this on the thread about the demo. Also been told one of them is Lowkey.
Evidence clearly shows Alfie was violently headbutting an innocent policemans baton :rolleyes:

Part of this I reckon is just sweeping up people who they think might cause trouble ahead of the royal wedding - twitter tells me they are raiding squats in Brighton today.. lots of people getting lifted left right and centre.. bail conditions from at least one stokes croft arrestee to stay out of London over next weekend..


Does "violent disorder" also include being smashed on the head with a truncheon these days? Shades of John Lydon being charged for assaulting two Gardai officers' fists with his face.
Or the Derek Fairbrother case.
During this short journey Mr. Fairbrother was bleeding heavily, with the result that he, his clothes and the gardaí, as well as the squad car, were saturated with blood. Witnesses have confirmed that when the squad car arrived at the Garda station, he was physically dragged out of the car, thrown to the ground, and beaten and kicked again. He tried to protect himself by crawling under the squad car. Later, the sergeant in charge suggested that Mr. Fairbrother was crawling under the car in an attempt to turn it over.

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The Alfie Meadows and Zac King trial started again today - for third time - at Woolwich Crown Court. Defend the Right to Protest are doing a demo down there. Protestors (and people there for other cases) have been locked out of the court, unable to go inthe public gallery, having to stand outside in the sleet and snow instead.


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Home is south London mate


The OB are not best pleased:

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It's official - you can now wear a balaclava and throw metal railings at head height at the most lightly armed riot cops in EU #alfiemeadows
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Was that last tweet from a police blogger libellous? I think so


He wasn't guilty. However, those guilty of criminal damage should have been prosecuted and made to pay for whatever damage they caused to be repaired.