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Album Recommendations 2019


A crazy bulbous punchbag of sound
Ladytron - Ladytron

A self-released PledgeMusic funded comeback album after a seven year hiatus has no business being this good. The whole record sounds like peak career Ladytron from the mid 00s.

I just hope my physical copy turns up - PledgeMusic's seems to be collapsing just as the record is due. Ladytron don't have much luck with record labels. They were on Telstar, which went bust. Then they were on Emperor Norton, which was taken over by Rykodisc and closed down. Then they were signed by Island, but their A&R man left and the label gave them no support. Now this.

Oh well, the album is amazing.


A crazy bulbous punchbag of sound
Boy Harsher - Careful

Another great synthpop album. They've polished up their sound a bit since their first album and this is closer to their awesome Country Girl EP from 2017: all gloomy electro-goth and poppy EBM .



blood on the walls
Late 2018 again, but too late for the other thread... this is some quality psychedelic folk shit though.

Trimdon Grange Explosion, by Trimdon Grange Explosion
What we really need is the trimdon garage explosion. Old w/c folk songs like TGE done in the style of pussy galore. I had hopes of the mekons going that way when they were doing the old song as part of their set. Never happened. Alan Price did an EP with that title back in the 60s though.

Buddy Bradley

Pantheistic solipsist
The new Claypool Lennon Delirium album is pretty fun, interesting prog/psychedelic 6-7 minute epics. Sean Lennon doesn't half sound like his dad.