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Album Recommendations 2018

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by killer b, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. beesonthewhatnow

    beesonthewhatnow going deaf for a living

    ionnalee (Jonna Lee from iamamiwhoami) has a solo album/film out on Feb 16th, called “Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten”.

    ionnalee / FEED
  2. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

  3. Mattym

    Mattym Well-Known Member

    Really like the track they're pushing on R6- 'Look at your hands'.
  4. ouchmonkey

    ouchmonkey Singe Gainsbourg

    heard a track on 6 music the other day and it was ok
    but I can never forgive tuneyards for the typographical assault of the alternating cases in the logo/name
    the PRML SCRM etc skipping of vowels I could about cope with
    but this? seriously though fuck off
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  5. Dr. Furface

    Dr. Furface One small step for man

    yEh rIGhT fuCKiNg iRRitAtinG ThAt iS - album's not bad though
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  6. Buddy Bradley

    Buddy Bradley Pantheistic solipsist

  7. sunnysidedown

    sunnysidedown Well-Known Member

    I'm very much enjoying the new Meat Beat Manifesto release 'Impossible Star'.
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  8. billy_bob

    billy_bob supercalifragilistic-borussiamönchengladbach

    Crikey, had no idea they were still around. What next, Consolidated?
  9. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

  10. May Kasahara

    May Kasahara channelling Lynda Day

    New Stick In The Wheel album is out and it is fantastic :thumbs:
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  11. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    savage hardcore:

  12. moonsi til

    moonsi til worked it out now!

    I’m being soothed by Pete Fij & Terry Bickers. Went to see them without listening to their current music. Bought an album at the gig but it’s not the latest one which I shall buy next. One I bought was described as ‘sunshine with showers’.
  13. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    The London Dirthole Company "Summarine 8.1". full disclosure i played guitar on it... it is really good though... also it doesn't seem to be available to buy or even listen to anywhere yet though it's been out a few weeks, so you will have to make do with listening to this one track i ripped off it: PUB QUIZ CUNTS - Clyp
  14. This is rather lovely - Hampshire & Foat - The Honeybear - ambient folk concept album based on a fictional children's book.
  15. Dragnet

    Dragnet Well-Known Member

    Objectified - Talent: Only played this one all the way through once so far, so probably too early to give a more in-depth opinion on it; quite pleasing in a vaguely County Teasers--esque way.

    Goat Girl have their debut coming out on Rough Trade in April. Keen to hear that one.
  16. billy_bob

    billy_bob supercalifragilistic-borussiamönchengladbach

    It's OK, but the guitar's shit.

    I'm just kidding - that's pretty great. Excellent track title, too.
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  17. Buddy Bradley

    Buddy Bradley Pantheistic solipsist

    Quite liking this, the debut album by London post-punks Shame:

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  18. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    the more tracks that come out from this new Ed Schrader's Music Beat album the more it looks like it is going to be awesome
  19. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    Not new, but just discovered this album, guy's wicked.

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  21. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    New Janelle Monae album Dirty Computer in April....

    First two tunes landed yesterday. I love 'em both....

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  22. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg A powerhouse of a human and cannot be silenced

    Ooh-er, will check those out sharpish. Ta.
  23. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg A powerhouse of a human and cannot be silenced

    Holy shit they are both brilliant, Make Me Feel is obviously her Prince tribute, it's awesome. Paging Cheesypoof
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  24. Cheesypoof

    Cheesypoof Fuck off Noddy

    I'll check it out. i usually hate Prince-inspired artists and im usually right but i will listen and i appreciate the thought, thanks
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018 at 1:53 AM

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