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Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by killer b, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. billy_bob

    billy_bob contents may have settled during transit

    They're fucking great live - in fact one of those bands that only truly works live, and preferably in a sweaty basement.

    The singer's taken to quoting on-stage a reviewer's description of him which pretty much sums up the experience: a cross between Henry Rollins and Frank Sidebottom.
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  2. souljacker

    souljacker innit

    New E-Dancer (Kevin Saunderson) is out. Only seems to be on beatport at the moment but sounds rather nice.
  3. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    Kevin Shields in doesn't-release-an-album shocker!
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  4. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    Best live band I've seen this by far, great bunch of lads.
  5. braindancer

    braindancer not for long

    I've not listened to the new one by the Pigs yet - giving it a listen now :cool::cool::cool:

    Saw 'em live a couple of times a few years ago - immense. The two gigs I could of got to this year sold out before I could get tickets....
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  6. crossthebreeze

    crossthebreeze Well-Known Member

    This was out in May but I only just heard it, it seems to have been rather overlooked in the UK at least. A compliation of electronic music from North Africa and Middle East. There's a few tunes on it which are pretty mint.
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  7. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Worst fears realised.
  8. Part 2

    Part 2 bizarre wanking accident

    This is a 2017 album but I only just heard it.

    Lingua Ignota - All Bitches Die

    Classically trained Kristin Hayter performs under the name Lingua Ignota. Some interesting interviews online, survivor of DV, performances leave people in tears and described as being like an exorcism. My must see artist of 2019.

    e2a: rutabowa already posted in June :cool:
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  9. Part 2

    Part 2 bizarre wanking accident

    It's an album and I'm recommending it in 2018. :p
  10. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    I've got this Amnesia Scanner LP on atm, reckon some of you will be well into it - fucked up noisy electronica I guess. Fuck knows.

  11. billy_bob

    billy_bob contents may have settled during transit

    I didn't know you could even play a digital music file at the wrong speed?
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  12. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    This one totally passed me by back in Feb but has definitely grown on me since.

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  13. Buddy Bradley

    Buddy Bradley Pantheistic solipsist

    Picked up Black Foxxes from some of the end-of-year lists, quite liking it - bit emo, bit indie.
  14. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    Saw these guys from Nottingham at the weekend - proper low end grinding noise rock stuff.

  15. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    New Earl Sweatshirt anyone?
  16. Buddy Bradley

    Buddy Bradley Pantheistic solipsist

    Gave it a couple of tries, but it didn't really grow on me. Too mumbly.
  17. Spandex

    Spandex A crazy bulbous punchbag of sound

    I know the low-fi production is an aesthetic choice, but that album would be really good if it didn't sound like it was recorded on a cheap cassette that's been left on the floor in a car since 1995.
  18. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    this sounds like my kind of aesthetic choice. I'll give that a spin now.
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  19. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    I've liked it so far, jarring with anything else I'm hearing at the mo.
  20. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    That's why I like it!
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  21. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    I think it was only on bandcamp in 2017, and put out by a label in 2018...
  22. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    ... though actually all the Off Me Nut releases only ever come out on bandcamp, and self-released is just as official as label-released, so yeh I guess it was a 2017 release.
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  23. May Kasahara

    May Kasahara empathy's contagious

    Fucking love this album :thumbs:
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  24. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    Another Off Me Nut release, and posssibly the best this year. Though really sad to hear Basshound died last week. RIP :( Everything he did was a banger

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  25. I see they've released a Christmas album. Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert - "Ghost Stories for Christmas"
  26. billy_bob

    billy_bob contents may have settled during transit

    Love it. Very AmRep/early Big Cat.
  27. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    Finally got round to listening to Bruce's debut album and it doesn't disappoint. :eek:

  28. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    You're Cardiff now? Did you see him at Undertone earlier in the year?
  29. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    Nah back in Manchester, seeing him in Feb though. You go?

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