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Alan Green gold medal for fuckwittery

Discussion in 'Olympics 2008' started by badlands, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    true but she had a mighty fine baritone for a lady :)

    JessieDog, I don't believe they're all it.
  2. Jessiedog

    Jessiedog Keeping the faith.

    Aye! I know. You're a glass half full kind of chap.


    I'm all a bit glass half empty at the mo'.

    Ban the fuckin' lot of 'em.


  3. mr_eko

    mr_eko feelin irie

    I agree that big improvements have been made in testing but as the balco case proved the authorities are still behind the curve. If Trevor Graham hadn't sent a syringe containing THG to the United States Anti-Doping Agency then the athletes that had been using it would still be competing and winning. Can THG really be the only designer steroid that has been designed to be undetectable in drug tests?
  4. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    Looking at the result of the USA track team, you have to be encouraged (imo).
  5. Jessiedog

    Jessiedog Keeping the faith.


    Improvements as we see are merely the labs being ahead of the testers.

    It's all about money, politics and bollocks!


  6. Melinda

    Melinda Kama roa, efshar livloa?

    If there was another designer drug out there doing the rounds then wouldnt it be more likely be within reach of the Americans than the Jamaicans though?

    Also a whole slew of low down, cheatin' Russians got slung out/ withdrew before the games started- their drugs cant be too hot.

    Amazing isnt it- just 2 Americans in the starting line up for the mens 100m final.

    The race will be on to produce the next miracle drug though because the Russians will be desperate to achieve after their dismal showing so far.
  7. Nigel Irritable

    Nigel Irritable Five, Ten, Fifteen Years

    But as we know, the tests only catch the unlucky, the desperate or the stupid. Failing tests means you are on drugs. Passing any number of tests does not mean you are clean.

    As I understand it, steroids are still the drug of choice for anaerobic events. EPO and other forms of blood doping aren't as useful in events where endurance isn't an issue. Steroid use isn't something you just do the week of the Olympics. They are primarily used for building strength beforehand, ie out of competition when you are tested less often. Steroid use also doesn't have to mean massive muscle bulk - it can greatly improve performance without the athlete turning into the incredible hulk.

    Interestingly, the commentators on RTE just mentioned that Jamaica, Ethiopia and Kenya, three of the nations expected to win large medal hauls on the track have no internal anti-doping programme at all. Their athletes are still tested in competition on the circuit, and the international testing bodies can still show up in their home countries and test them, but they are definitely subjected to fewer out of competition tests.

    I hope that Bolt is clean. I like the guy. But he has performed much, much better than various top level athletes who we know were on dope managed in the recent past. That's enough to raise at least a certain suspicion.
  8. Dr. Furface

    Dr. Furface One small step for man

    Of course Bolt isn't clean - he even admitted himself that he ate chicken nuggets TWICE before the race!
  9. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    Thing is menation Tour de France to anyone and the first thing that will come to people's minds will be drugs, why, because widespread cheating in the past.

    I can therefore understand anybody seeing Bolt's performance and thinking drugs. I hope to god for the good of athletics a s a whole that it wasn't a performance based on drugs, but if it was ever proven that it was I aint gonna fall off my chair in surprise!
  10. Wilf

    Wilf 8% Beach Ready

    Sounds like Green was pretty crass and its in bad taste if he opened his gob the day after the bloody race. But that's the problem isn't it, there have been so many cheats it automatically raises suspicions about anyone who is any good. Must realy piss off the ones who are clean.

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