Air quality in Brixton and Brixton Road

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Bob, May 16, 2008.

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    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

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    Love the idea but it all seems a bit fuzzy at times to me:

    Key aims for our engagement are:
    • Promoting social inclusion and community safety by bringing communities together
    • Working with businesses to allow them to thrive with a better environment for everyone
    • Focusing on improving access to our estates including outreach work with young people
    • Working closely with schools, faith and neighbourhood groups in the area
    • Giving a voice to those sometimes excluded from major projects of this kind and considering the needs of the whole community
    • Practical demonstrations, events and promotions to get everyone involved
    • Opportunities for local people to reclaim and take ownership of their streets
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    But prephased with the paragraph:

    "Working with you:

    Engagement with the people who live, work and visit Brixton is critical to this project. There’s no point building new public places and changing the way our streets work if this isn’t planned with the people of Brixton for the people of Brixton. While our bid to TfL contains plenty of bold ideas, the only thing that is fixed at this stage is our ambition and determination to make Brixton and the surrounding area a better, healthier place with cleaner air, safer more accessible streets and support for the unique mix of local businesses and attractions in the area."
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    So 'prephasing' the bullet points with that non-specific preamble makes it all OK?

    Even Brixton Wave probably included something as vague and fluffy as "Promoting social inclusion and community safety by bringing communities together."
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