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    I sent the following message to a few people privately but it's been suggested that I put it up here instead. Happy to provide more detail in a private message or email if anyone is interested.




    I’m not really an Urban75 user (though I used to be a regular on the Libcom forums, which I know has some overlap with here), but I’m doing an academic research project on AFA and looking for former participants to interview.

    My own perspective comes from a radical/militant anti-fascist background and I’ve been active on and off in anti-fascist circles for a decade or so. The research I’m doing looks at the organisation and effects of AFA and what its strengths and drawbacks can teach contemporary anti-fascist movements and ideas. I’m trying to interview former AFA activists to generate a strong picture of how it operated across the UK.

    Interviews will be made anonymous and I am bound by strict regulations that are designed to ensure research participants aren’t harmed or negatively affected by being involved.

    If you’re interested, do let me know.
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