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Discussion in 'education & employment' started by ruffneck23, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. ruffneck23

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    So, I had a ltd company but decided to close it down a few months ago , I emailed the accountancy firm to ask how to do this. I was told I had to send them a postal order / cheque made out to companies house for £10, and they will close the company , which I did in December, I kept on getting reminders about charges but as I thought the company was being closed down I ignored them ( stupid I know ) and suddenly got a solicitors letter to pay £792 within 7 days. So I called them up to ask what is going on? , they said they didn't receive the postal order and did I fill out a DS01 form, as they couldn't close the company without one, I said I wasn't aware of this form and had never received it, so I wouldn't have been able to close the account anyway.

    I contacted my account manager and asked him to check his email trail and when did he send this form, I then get an email back with an email attachment email that was dated from August last year with the forms attached. I was also told in the email that this was sent to me in November.

    I've been through my emails and found all the correspondence from my account manager however there isn't an email with the forms , from either August or November... I also sent over a screen shot of all the emails received since I had been doing business with them basically what I'm saying to the accountancy firm is how can they keep on charging me , when they didn't supply the correct forms or let me know ( adding an extra £400 in fees ). I've done a bit of googling and there are a fair few complaints about this Firm, does anyone know where I stand legally ? It all seems very shady considering what the account manager has told me about when the emails with the forms were meant to be sent to me ? I dont really want to have to pay more than I should.

    ETA I really should proof read my posts...

    hope that makes sense and thanks in advance.
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  2. Hollis

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    What sort of Accountancy firm are they.. are they advertising themselves as Chartered or Certified? If so, you should be able to check against professional register of firms.
  3. salem

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    I don't know about the specifics here, people - myself included - delete legit mail as spam all the time, however people - myself included - also use the 'I sent an email honest guv' defence to cover their fuckups.

    However if you were going to wind up the company anyway then the chances are you won't be held to pay those fines (if they are directed to the company rather then you personally that is). Of course if you're paying good money to the accountant they shouldn't have accured in the first place and surely the accountant should have seen the combination of DS1 form not turning up and fines being levied and put 2 + 2 together and chased you up by phone if necessary.

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