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    butchersapron blood on the walls

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    Outsideness is Nick Land and obviously this is childish and stupid. And yet...
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    Am from the wirral. north of london. a commoner. not an educated man in the sense of the word. words. big fucking words dont register with people like me. besides. they are only falling on deaf ears anyway. but i get have to use diplomacy with em. and violence don't cut the mustard. so al make a deal with ever need someone to give someone else a fucking hard slap. then call me. day and night. apart from that. I can't help with them big words. but what you are doing is right. these cunts just want money and power and fuck the world. they step on anyone to get to that dough. what a bunch of shitbags hey. tweedy ass mother fluffers. driving around in their big ass cars and making the billion pound deals over the phone. driving past starving homeless people and not even given em a quid to get a warm meal. greedy heartless and evil to say the least. lets hope they all die soon enough so we can rebuild this damaged world. shape it how it should have been.
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    Whereabouts in wirral?

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