a thread of fake Morleys

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by not-bono-ever, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. darryl

    darryl this wasn't supposed to happen

    Booo. That's taken all the fun out of it. (Well, it would if it was a complete list...)
  2. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Literally over the moon

    remember kids, this is the original and best fake morleys resource- i may have to pop down to streatham to snarf some others though
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  3. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Literally over the moon


    another split in the Favorite fried chicken hegemony- note the appearence of the Favourable chicken outlet
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  4. DaveCinzano


    Begging for a NewFakeMorleys.com
  5. MorleysOrLess

    MorleysOrLess New Member

    Couple of 'world exclusives' for you...

    Firstly, the recently rebranded Metro's, (nee MFC, nee Marleys) on Brookmill Road, Lewisham:


    and this, this is pretty special. I give you Morliss.... Ramsgate!!

  6. Loving the way that the fake Morley thread now has an unauthorised mimicking website...
  7. NoXion

    NoXion Eat leaden death, demon...

    Get a better image host.
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  8. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    -1. :(
    My nearest fake Morleys (was 'New Morlys' has just changed into a generic fried chicken shop called brix fried chicken instead.
    Hopefully not due to legal issues as that would threaten the end of a proud tradition.

    IMG_5977.JPG IMG_5976.JPG
  9. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Literally over the moon

    A sad day for the fake morley community
  10. sealion

    sealion Conscientious selector

    Soon to be Gentrified chicken. A prime spot for a wine bar and posh nosh :mad:
  11. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    The ‘brix’ in their new name is slightly aspirational as we’re the wrong end of coldharbour lane for cocktail bars, for now , but yeah give it a few weeks.
  12. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Literally over the moon

    is there a pic of that original fake morleys on here ? I cannot remember

    ah yea there is, from the archive

    a thread of fake Morleys

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  13. bimble, is Brix Fried Chicken sailing close to KFC's copyright here...


    Is that hand covering up a B?
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  14. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    I’ll confirm shortly but I think yes it’ll be a b under there. There’s limits to how imaginative you can be with a fried chicken logo though, I think the colonel would lose this copyright case.
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  15. sovereignb

    sovereignb Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure the first one was in New Cross, a few doors down from Venue nightclub. Its now a kebab shop
  16. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Literally over the moon

    £2 chicken and chips from the genius behind one day i went to lidl
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  17. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Literally over the moon

    BTW, if you have not heard of Afrikan boy, some of his stuff is a SE London delight- the Lidl track is wonderful - my kids are into him
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  18. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

    AB smashing it live at festivals last year, no joke. :cool:
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  19. Magnus McGinty

    Magnus McGinty Wh♂️

    Cryptic puzzle:

    I’ve been to Morley but only after dark.
  20. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

  21. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Literally over the moon

    91ED25C4-93C1-47F4-8D48-67F13A715006.jpeg Pengest munch goes mainstream in Viz
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  22. 2hats


    Bishkek Fried Chicken!

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