75,000 ESA claimants underpaid going back to 2011

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    Some reports say underpaid claimants are owed an average of £7,000 in unpaid benefit*. It looks like this is people who transferred from Incapacity Benefit to ESA, and those affected were those switched in 2011-12 and 2014-15, although it's not totally clear whether it also affects all claims for ESA during those periods. The DWP says it's contacting anyone affected, and has been in touch with 1,000 people so far. Pretty crap since this 'error' was uncovered a year ago. It's estimated it will cost £500 million to put right.

    Frank Field said: “I’m still gobsmacked at the size and the nature and the extent and the coverage of people that have been wrongly impoverished by the department getting it wrong.”

    Up to 75,000 benefit claimants were underpaid for years

    Benefits claimants underpaid millions

    DWP blunder sees 75,000 sick and disabled underpaid £500m in benefits

    * (Edit: I see where this figure comes from, it's the £500m divided by 75,000 claimants)
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