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Discussion in 'World Cup 2010 South Africa' started by Maltin, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Fifa published the squad lists for the tournament on Friday:


    and someone has analysed them, which, sadly, I also like to do. :oops:


    Some facts that I like or surprised me and may be mentioned by the commentators when bored:

    Liverpool have 12 players at the competition (the third most); Portsmouth have 8

    David James is the oldest player

    Brazil have the oldest squad

    Peter Crouch isn't the tallest player (Nikola Zigich of Serbia is 1cm taller)

    Aaron Lennon is the shortest player

    Chile's squad is the shortest

    Heskey's first names are Emile William Ivanhoe

    Rio Ferdinand's middle name is Gavin

    Kaka's full name is Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite

    According to Fifa's list, North Korea have five players with the surname Ri, 5 called Kim and 4 called Pak. South Korea have 7 with the surname Kim and 6 with the surname Lee.

    Uruguay's Sebastian Abreu seems to want his full name on his shirt as he will have W S Abreu G on the back (Washington Sebastian Abreu Gallo).

    Any others you want to share?
  2. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    Tottenham have 9, including 5 for IngLan.
  3. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Arsenal have 10, including 0 for England. :hmm:
  4. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    That would be right.
  5. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    Really? I remember reading somewhere that SWP was the shortest England player ever. Wiki says both are 5'5". Either way, if both play they should stand either side of Crouch for the anthem to give the camera man some work. :)
  6. Obnoxiousness

    Obnoxiousness >-->))).>

    International Goals
    Drogba 44 goals in 68 games.
    Kaka 26 goals in 73 games.
    Rooney 25 goals in 60 games.
    Torres 23 goals in 72 games.
    Ronaldo 22 goals in 71 games.
    Messi 13 goals in 44 games
    Heskey 7 goals in 58 games.

    They were debating Heskey on Talk Sport today.

    But it's teams that win world cups. :D
  7. Silva

    Silva This went well.

    Klose is the best scorer in the competition. If he scores 5 goals again, he ties Ronaldo in the alltime scorers' table.
  8. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Fifa says that Lennon is 165 centimetres tall and Wright-Phillips is 168 centimetres so are suggesting that Wright-Phillips is 5'6". Not sure how they get their information though. I assume it is data submitted by the FA.

    Wright-Phillips does have the distinction at this World Cup of having the most characters in his name on the back of his shirt with 15. He is tied with Schweinsteiger in having 14 letters though.
  9. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Carlos Alberto Parreira should become the man to have coached at the most World Cups ever having coached at 6 (1982/1990/1994/1998/2006/2010).

    He will tie Bora Milutinovic in having coached 5 different countries.

    With just one game at this World Cup, he will become the sole coach to have coached the second most number of World Cup matches (currently he is tied with Mario Zagallo and Milutinovic). If he manages to coach South Africa to the semi-finals, he will beat Helmut Schoen to become the man who has coached the most games.
  10. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Otto Rehhagel will become the oldest coach ever at the World Cup finals at the age of 72.
  11. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Two brothers could play against each other: Kevin Prince Boateng plays for Ghana and his brother, Jerome, plays for Germany.
  12. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    If Brazil win, Dunga will become only the second man to have captained and managed a World Cup winning team, the being Franz Beckenbauer (1974 and 1990).
  13. Silva

    Silva This went well.

    The same applies to Maradona.
  14. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    Brazil, despite winning a record five times, are the only winners not to have won a World Cup at home.
  15. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    If Rigobert Song gets to play in Cameroon's second or third game, he would become only the fourth player to have played at a World Cup 16 years after his debut at a World Cup. The Denmark game is exactly 16 years after his World Cup debut.

    South Korea's goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae could also play more than 16 years since his debut at the World Cup finals if they make it to the quarter-finals.

    Antonio Carbajal, Hugo Sanchez and Lothar Matthaeus are the only players to have reached the milestone previously.
  16. N_igma

    N_igma Epistemic nuisance

    ...and the French are still cunts.
  17. strung out

    strung out (",)

    i was just wondering. has anyone ever won a world cup winner's medal (or been in a world cup winning squad, if it was when only the first 11 got medals) while never having won a cap for their country?

    so for example, if england were to win the world cup (don't laugh), without Dawson playing a single match, he could conceivably not ever get a full cap but still have a world cup winner's medal.
  18. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    Of those teams who have reach the final, only Uruguay and England are unbeaten.
  19. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    The 2010 tournament regulations state that 50 medals each will be handed out to the top 3 teams in the competition and one medal each to the officials for the final and third-place match.

    I imagine something similar has happened in the past.

    I would expect that nearly all the winning managers would have received a winners medal and not all of them would have been capped.

    I don't know whether there has been anyone in a squad who has received a winners' medal without ever being capped before, but I guess it may have happened if they hand out so many e.g. reserve goalkeepers.
  20. strung out

    strung out (",)

    in the past, only the players to play in the final got a medal. that was corrected a few years back though, and squad members from back then were given medals retrospectively.

    yeah, i meant world cup winning squad members who had never been capped. hmmm, would check this, but i'm not sure if the squad lists for the first few world cups are available. can't see them on wikipedia anyway.

    edit: scratch that, just found them
  21. strung out

    strung out (",)

    well i just checked and there's at least 4 italian world cup winners who were never capped for their country! can't be bothered to check the rest
  22. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    I was aware that they hadn't always issued so many medals. One of the articles on Wikipedia (coming from the BBC) suggested that they weren't handed out to all squad members prior to 1978.

    Before my last post, I had looked at the goalkeepers for the most recent tournaments (1998-2006) and all had been capped before the competitions.

    I found it difficult to find what caps players had received and when however, seeing the comment about when all squad members received medals and having a list of Italian caps in a book, I can see that at least Giovanni Galli, who looks like he was the third choice Italian goalkeeper at the 1982 World Cup was not capped until 1983 so he could be one of the first.

    Fifa's website is an excellent resource for past World Cup competitions, including full statistics for all the matches.


    Unfortunately, the player statistics are generally only there for FIFA tournaments. :(

    Which website did you get your data from that showed these players not being capped?
  23. strung out

    strung out (",)

    only wikipedia, so not 100% reliable tbf :D

    there are a few italians from '34 and '38 i think who were in cup winning squads but never capped for italy. couldn't be bothered to check all the cup winning squads ever though.
  24. sumimasen

    sumimasen Celebrity-endorsed

    A European team has never won the cup if it's staged outside of Europe.
  25. strung out

    strung out (",)

    a south american team has never won it in africa
  26. Ich bin ein Mod

    Ich bin ein Mod does his make up in his room

    Nor any African, Asian, Australasian, European or North American team
  27. strung out

    strung out (",)

  28. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Just read that Mario Zagallo has also won as captain and manager (1958 and 1962 as player and 1970 as manager).

    So Maradona or Dunga would be the third.
  29. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Apparently, Klose has only scored 3 league goals this season. :hmm:
  30. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    So far, all World Cup winning managers have been from the same country as the winning team they managed.

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