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2001: Your 5 highlight and 5 lowlights

Discussion in '2001: review' started by editor, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. stuartswan

    stuartswan Guest

    Bad points:

    1. Student debt!
    2. Sep. 11th
    3. Death in the family
    4. Harry Potter :mad:
    5. British weather

    Good points:

    1. 2 weeks in Ibiza
    2. 3 days in Amsterdam
    3. Constant piss-ups in Belfast and Glasgow
    4. Part-time job at an Internet Company
    5. Corrs concert in Glasgow
    6. Texas concert in Glasgow
    7. Booking Ibiza 2002!!!

    Sorry, I put 7 good points, it makes me feel better, I'm sure there are more bad points!
  2. help....must think (which might come difficult)
    high points

    Finally meeting people of my own kind in Leeds
    Bizarre conversations with mate Graham last saturday after Speedqueen
    Summer - which was completely wonderful
    just being happier than ever before!

    low points
    not being able to be in Leeds for nye
    deaths of two friends
    working shitty temp jobs
    not having sex very often... :(

  3. boomclick

    boomclick New Member

    - financial stability
    - lots of music making
    - the big chill festys
    - mine & my family's health holding out for one more year
    - finding U75 & rediscovering UK-d

    - not knowing how to help with depressions close to me
    - trying (and failing) to buy a house
    - takeovers, restructurings, redundancies and the associated paranoias
    - The War Against Terrorism (less televisually spectacular but sadder than sept11, imho)
    - brixton starting to feel dangerous again.
  4. mr steev

    mr steev unkempt clacker

    Sept 11th and subsequent events
    No Glastonbury
    Being skint
    Girlfriend being nicked and court being adjurned again and again
    Landlord selling MY lovely house (the bastard! anyone'd think it was his!)
    My girlfriend
    Finally going to Amsterdam
    Becoming a 'god' father
    Discovering U75 (obviously)
    Still smiling :D
  5. Tromaville

    Tromaville Substandard in every way


    1)The great times spent with Tanky, little Tanky

    2)Times with Big Marv

    3)Dragging me self up from a 3rd to a 2:1

    4) Getting fantastic job

    5)Stood at a bus stop in New Forest in December with Tanky (ok that looks like No.1 but this one deserves one on its own!)


    1)Losing baby (little fella)

    2)Being an idiot and making bad times for Tanky

    3)Stood on Hythe ferry in September thinking of Tanky and little fella

    4)Watching people fall from WTC

    5)Watching Bradford get trashed
  6. el_gnomo1

    el_gnomo1 Guest

    Good Things:

    1.Finding out who my real friends are.
    2.Getting my own computer ... finally.
    3.My cat and her kittens.
    4.Got my tongue pierced.
    5.Discovered the joys of smoking weed.

    Bad Things:

    1.Getting my heart broken ... really really
    really broken! ... and still not being
    able to forget him.
    2.Finding out I am the family dissapointment
    and the fact that my own mother is
    embarrased about me.
    3.Relationship with parents and brother got
    even worse this year.
    4.Almost lost a friend because of an ovedose.
    5.Nagging little voice in my head telling me
    I have been wasting my life, that I have
    no talent whatsoever and that I will never
    accomplish anything.
    6.I can't sleep or eat well, I smoke a lot
    (cigarettes, not weed).
  7. good things

    1) passing my masters and thus ending 5 long and financially hard years of higher education.
    2) getting a good job and thus makng me believe that the 1) was all worthwhile.
    3) moved to a new place with intentions of making a new life for myself and meeting new people. see 2) on bad things
    4) being single again. see 1) on bad things
    5) realising that i have so much more of a life outside of my now defunct relationship and wanting to make up for all the lost time with the people that are closest to me which i have ignored in the last year. my fault i know but 2002 is going to be different.

    Bad things

    1) becoming single again.
    2) not letting myself fully let go and get out and meet people where i moved to because of a clingy girlfriend who didnt like the fact that i could have a life without her.
    3) September 11th. enough said.
    4) the lack of any effective opposition to tony blair and Labour
    5) the continued oppresion of marginalised groups and sections of the community. will it ever stop.

    peace and love in 2002. i'll be smiling so smile back please.

    xxxxxxxx :D :D :D
  8. A friend of a friend

    A friend of a friend Rustic Rudebwoy

    O.K. Bad shit first:
    1.Dropped out of college(again!!!)
    2.One of my best friends in hospital on christmas eve
    3.governments, war, terrorism (when pointed at the INNOCENT)
    4.realisation of "fair weather friends"
    5.havin a good ol' can o' whoooop ass opened on my soul

    Now for the good stuff:
    1.knowing my purpose in life
    2.smiling faces
    3.the end of my chem. habit
    4.not being in love with someone that destroys your brain and soul
    5.the fact that it's over in 11hours
  9. twisted nerve

    twisted nerve engineer without fear

    Eek! My brother goes there! :D
  10. quamp

    quamp Do u really want to know?

    5 good and bad things, hmm? Here goes...

    5 Good things:
    1. Getting the job I've wanted in February.
    2. Watching U2 play live again. :)
    3. Watching They Might Be Giants play live again. :cool:
    4. Finally getting my Mystery Science Theater 3000 collection off the ground, and really going. :D
    5. Urban 75 has been a great source to let me vent my anger at anyone and everyone who deserves it.

    5 Bad things:
    1. Losing the job I've wanted because of the tragedy of September 11th. :(
    2. Finding out a guy I knew died September 11th at the pentagon.
    3. Still not finding a woman who will date me. :oops:
    4. All these happy-go-war people who are really starting to piss me off. Granted, I support the troops in Afghanistan, but I don't support the war they're in. Where I'm at, that's like saying I'm a practicing hardline communist. :rolleyes:
    5. Still having to endure the censorship at the library because I can't afford internet access at home. :(
  11. joe piece

    joe piece sometime spanner in works

    Highs - in no particular order
    Getting more active/political and people I have met through being more political
    Good Friends/Laughs
    Finally getting to Scotland
    Rediscovering cycling/ outdoors

    September 11 and after
    Having to move home for a while - money problems
    Sellafield MOX plant commissioned
    People I liked dying
    Not winning the Lottery yet ;)
  12. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    5 good things...

    Going to Denmark for 2 months
    Meeting some extroadinary people whilst travelling.
    Bieng promoted at work.
    Bieng elected as an executive officer for my students union.
    Going protesting in London with some mates and randomly meeting my parents.

    5 Bad things...
    Twin towers destruction and all that has followed.
    Still having problems with my boss.
    My bestest mate is STILL not talking to me -now makes nearly 3 years over something trivial.
    Bieng suspended at work for something I didn't do.
    Breaking my wrist on the one night of the yaer that I really wanted to go out. Didn't see any of the event.
  13. pinkmonkey

    pinkmonkey 2.4 hour party person

    Good :)
    1 Landing a job as a design manager in August
    2 Recieving a fat redundancy cheque
    3 Paying off some debts
    4 Seeing the Grand Canyon
    5 My friends 30th birthday party

    Bad :(
    1 My marriage going downhill :(
    2 Getting made redundant in June
    3 Two friends going back to Australia for good.
    4 My friends 30th birthday party
    5 Working 80 hour weeks
  14. Lostprophet

    Lostprophet Guest

    Top Stuff :-

    • A very quick descent into *ahem* illegal substances, Easter 2001 was the first time i had a joint..
    • My hair growing at a phenominal rate
    • Finally telling certain people what cunts they are
    • Staying alive
    • Parties...lots of them (Jo!)

    And the Downers...
    • Passing my GCSE's to realise i have As exams this year..bugger
    • Seeing a coupla mates go over the edge
    • Being under seige by a crew of lads after our plants in a council house
    • The U.S reaction to 11/09/01
    • The growth of 'Dance'
  15. marshstarman

    marshstarman Guest

    1 Gettin wrecked.
    2 Gettin wrecked.
    3 Gettin wrecked.
    4 Gettin wrecked.
    5 Gettin a new PC that kicks arse. (I can play games now, whilst gettin wrecked.)

    1 Doing 12 hour shifts at work.
    2 Doing 12 hour nightshifts at work.
    3 Doing work
    4 Using Blairs magical public transport.(ensure that u are late for your own funeral... catch a bus)
    5 Not gettin wrecked.
  16. ChrisFilter

    ChrisFilter Like a boss.


    -My groups own little "summer of love" - introducing my friends to the wonders of raving and the subsequent mess :)

    -The great fun I had raving and partying in Melbourne, next best city to London.

    -Meeting some great people and the lasting friendships that have come out of that.

    -My continued love for the rave scene, and the smiles on the faces of the people I've helped convert. ;)

    -Realising just how much I love my mates.


    -I came down with ME in 2001 :(

    -Unexpected Pregnancy and subsequent abortion (not me, I'm male!).

    -Gran dying, sadness of my mum.


    -Fucking up first term of uni, gotta try and make up for that now.
  17. marshstarman

    marshstarman Guest

    On a serious note for the head honcho:

    Good stuff

    1 Discovering that there is more to life than Championship Manager.

    2 Getting a new job that's cool, and i get to sit on this BBS all day or night.

    3 Getting lots of debts paid off

    4 Getting a nice new gaff

    5 Flirtation with the office chicks.

    Bad shit

    1 Relationship threats due to Championship Manager.

    2 High blood pressure
    at the age of 20
    3 Lactose intolerance(constantly got the shits)

    4 Mother having affair. Seeing Dad cut up like he was that day. Never seen my dad cry before :(

    5 The state that this country has got itself into.
  18. Diamond

    Diamond The Red Baron

    To set these points in context, I'm 18 and have just finished school in the summer of 2001, presently taking a Gap year so here goes (in no particular order):


    1)Watching one of my best friends get it on at a beach in Greece with a sort-of ex of mine when I fancied a reunion to say the least.

    2)Getting violently mugged on the day of my A-level results

    3)Getting rejected from Oxford second time round. Far worse than the first for many reasons.

    4)My group of friends inevitably drifting apart after we left school. End of an era.

    5)A-level revision.


    1)Watching dawn come up over Barcelona with a j and some mates.

    2)Blagging entry and a night of free drinks at China White's Istanbul.

    3)Getting straight A's at A-level.

    4)Glorious summer afternoons spent in the park doing so called 'revision' with a boom box and some beers.

    5)Meeting loads of interesting people working during my gap year.
  19. elliot

    elliot it's all bollocks

    right, as with most things in my life, I haven't actually got round to doing this yet..

    so lets see..

    + one word: technics!!
    + going to university in London
    + meeting lots of exciting new people (and relativley few dull ones)
    + another year with the majority of my family still happy
    + getting more and more addicted to u75!
    + meeting world dmc champion DJ Craze (on September 11th)

    - everything else that happened on September 11th (I even got cought faredodging :( )
    - seeing one of my best mates' dad diagnosed with cancer
    - getting through my first student loan very very quickly
    - failing an a-level in Maths and not being bothered by it whatsoever
    - leaving school: end of an era, even if I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have
  20. Cheesypoof

    Cheesypoof Fuck off Noddy


    (1)Getting on the right course, career-wise
    (2)Meeting my beloved in broad daylight
    (3)Having the wildest year of my life and countless times I will never forget.
    (4) having lots of liasions with interesting lovers before meeting my boyfriend
    (5)Having an utterly fabulous Christmas and New Year


    (1) Being manipulated by a girl who, for a few weeks pretended to be my friend
    (2) Developing a mind block for a few weeks in September, when I weaned well of drugs and drink
    (3) Chronic insomnia
    (4) Not sleeping with one particular squat party raver (but we did share a few kisses)
    (5) Having to constantly clean up after my piggy ex- flat mate. :) :) :)

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